How to Share Your Office Space and Save

Bear with me, please, while I state the obvious. Starting a business costs money. Whether it’s cold, hard cash from personal savings, an investment team, the elusive angel investor, or sweat equity in lieu of liquidity, building a biz is an expensive endeavor any way you slice it.

There is one thing, however, that you can slice up in order to offset an expense or two. Office space. Sure, you can go the super DIY route and write code into the wee hours of the morning in the comfort of your own kitchen, but there are benefits, both financial and intellectual, of sharing your office space with another burgeoning company. Read on …


How to Create a Sales Funnel with Facebook Ads

Facebook is becoming an advertising powerhouse for businesses of all sizes, changing the focus on the social network from pages to running ads.

Advertisers can generate a customer base from Facebook’s audience by using Facebook ads strategically to reach these users with relevant messaging based on their preferences. Facebook ads can be used to achieve a variety of goals for your organization like driving awareness, increasing app downloads, generating referral traffic, and building your e-mail list.

A user’s journey to becoming a customer starts with awareness that they need a product or service to fulfill a need or fix a problem they have experienced. Facebook ads can help create this sales funnel from awareness to the conversion.

Here’s how to create an extensive sales funnel with your Facebook ads, driving results for your business and value to your audience. Read on …


The SumBudsman: SumAll Now with 100% More Tweets Baked Right In

“The SumBudsman” is back two weeks in a row now! This week I’m happy to introduce embedded tweets baked right into SumAll, meaning you don’t have to leave the tool to see some of your most important content.

Our Premium customers have been enjoying the embedded tweets feature for a couple of weeks now and we’re happy to announce that this feature rolled out to all of our users yesterday. Read on …


Don’t Be a Buzzkill: What to Avoid When Crafting a Tagline

Of all the items featured prominently on a company website, messaging is perhaps the most debated. Rightfully so.

To give you an idea of it’s importance, it’s common to see simple messaging tweaks drive conversion rates up or down by 10%. And I’ve seen larger, more effective changes literally quadruple conversion. The right messaging has the ability to improve your conversion by 400%. The problem though, is that most companies – software companies in particular – are absolutely horrible at crafting their own messaging. In fact, this has become such a common problem amongst the companies that I’ve worked with that I thought it wise to write this post.

Read on …


How Sound Can Help Market Your Product

Statistically speaking, people love music. A 2012 study by Lab42 found that 45% of people listen to over 10 hours of music per week. Like a carrot dangling in front of a horse, the sweet sounds of the Pied Piper’s flute (metaphorically speaking) can be used to lure a new batch of users to your product without your company so much as lifting a finger (also metaphorically speaking).

Music licensing isn’t reserved only for movie studios and advertising agencies with monstrous budgets. Your startup can leverage this sonic medium as well as the big boys in the game, successfully using it to drive traffic to your site as a sensory Pavlovian trigger for users to recall your product with every beat. Read on …