The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Social Media Content

There seems to be a constant debate over achieving the perfect balance of creating quality content to share on social media, while maintaining the right quantity of that content to continually reach your audience without sacrificing quality.

It’s entirely possible to achieve this balanced approach to creating social media content by slowly scaling your efforts to reach your social media followers on a regular basis with messaging that’s valuable to them, related to your brand and drives results for your business.

Often organizations focus on getting a larger audience on social media for the sake of getting a larger audience, but this shouldn’t be the main reason you’re scaling your content to the next level. Read on …


Boosting Facebook Posts: What You Get When You Spend $5

Ever since Facebook changed the way they serve updates created by company pages to the people that like that page, we’ve seen a sharp decline in the number of our fans that see our updates. We know we’re not alone in this, as it’s usually the first thing on anyone’s lips when social media comes up in discussion.

As I write this, SumAll’s Facebook page has just over 18,000 fans, and in the past few months when we share an update, it usually gets served to no more than 200 of our fans. Read on …


How to Make the Most of All Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

The most important goal of all marketing is to drive more value to the business than is spent to execute each campaign on a particular channel.

In other words, it’s a marketer’s job to make their efforts as profitable as often as possible. People often discuss the use of Facebook for brands with engagement, likes, shares, virality and more, which are all excellent metrics to help determine the impact the platform is having on your business. However, focusing on how these efforts can help monetize your marketing should be a top priority. Read on …


How to Share Metrics and Collaborate in SumAll

If you have a SumAll account, chances are you’ve encountered the problem of not having an easy way to share an interesting piece of data with your colleague, boss, or just about anyone.

We’ve addressed this problem with Team Collaboration: an easier way to share your data. Read on …