E-Mail Marketing: The Unsung Hero of Customer Acquisition

E-mail marketing is generally viewed as an afterthought – people think they need to spend what free time they have on online advertising and promoting themselves over social media. But the fact remains that e-mail marketing is the number one channel for most businesses.

Our final interview in our three-part growth hacking series deals with e-mail optimization, the unsung hero. This interview will cover e-mail marketing best practices, tips to optimize your campaigns, ways to boost open rates. Read on …


Pump Up Your Shop: 35 Free E-Commerce Illustrations & Icons

Truly awful stock images is up there on the list of things the world would be better off without right next to face tattoos and fruit stickers.

The SumAll Free Imagery Page was created to eradicate the world of terrible stock images and use our homemade images instead.  If you haven’t seen our Free Imagery Page yet, prepare to have your mind exploded and then reformed again because we’ve added three new illustrations. Read on …


World War M: 5 Big Problems Plaguing Marketers

Today businesses face many challenges when it comes to initially reaching their customers, moving them across the buying pipeline and retaining these relationships for the long-term. Many marketers and their teams are struggling to deliver the results they have the opportunity to achieve due to ongoing problems in their approach that at times, they don’t even know exist.

“The one thing I know more than the sun is coming up tomorrow, marketers ruin everything,” said Gary Vaynerchuk.

When a channel first comes into mainstream use by marketers, they begin to analyze, optimize, and execute campaigns across it to see what works to reach their customers. In little time, as Vaynerchuk stresses, marketing messaging overruns these channels and limits their effectiveness in connecting businesses with their customers. This has happened with many marketing channels like display advertising, which is now known for extremely low click-through rates that have also been proven to have a 0.01 correlation with driving conversions. Read on …


How to Draw the Most Out of Instagram for Your Business

If you are using Instagram in your online marketing strategy, then you already know you need to regularly upload photos and videos that your fans will love.

But how can you get more out of your Instagram updates that could lead to results? In this post, we’re going to share five marketing tips you might not have tried that will draw the most out of Instagram for your business. Read on …


The SumBudsman: Logging In Edition

Hi all. Jacob here for the first installment of “The SumBudsman.” I started as the community manager here at SumAll a few short weeks ago, which puts me in a unique position: I, like many of you, am learning to use many aspects of SumAll.

In an effort to clean up some of the banana peels SumAll customers sometime slip on, I’ll be doing a regular post to walk you through some of our features. Consider me your official SumAll “ombudsman.” Tweet @SumAll or @SumAllSupport with your questions. All feature requests are passed on to SumAll’s design team for consideration. Read on …