The 7 Big Questions to Answer Using Facebook Insights

If you have an aggressive social media presence for your company, odds are that you’ve at least explored your Facebook page’s Insight page. It’s a masterwork of dashboard design, showing you the data and interpreting the trends in a simple, easy-to-follow layout. Each subsection allows you drill down just enough to give you a few highly focused datasets, providing a wealth of data about how your page is performing.

Those details, however, are only as useful as your ability to interpret them. To get the most out of Facebook’s Insight system, you need to not only be able to see the data, but understand the story those numbers and graphs are telling you. You also need to know what information is genuinely meaningful, and what sections you can safely ignore.

Although no two businesses are the same, there are seven major indicators any business can use to track the true effectiveness of its Facebook presence. Read on …


Have a service you really want SumAll to connect to? Vote for it now!

It’s no secret that we eventually want SumAll is to be the only place you need to visit to become more knowledgeable about the state of your business, your online presence, and your health.  (I mean, we say it right up on our homepage – we really do mean everything.)

And while we’ve been doing everything we can to reach those lofty goals we’ve set for ourselves, we would need an army of engineers to come even remotely close.  Read on …


The 5 Indicators That You Are Tweeting the Right Amount Per Day

How many tweets per day is too many? How many is too few? Almost from the moment Twitter launched, this single question has been burning in the minds of social media savvy marketers.

While there are plenty of off-the-cuff answers to this question, the reality is that the ideal number of tweets per day doesn’t have a simple answer. Some companies thrive on constant interaction, sharing and retweeting. Others see the most benefit from an occasional, tantalizing update. There is no universal truth about the right number of tweets to post per day. Read on …


How to market your business as an entrepreneur without spending a fortune

Marketing your business online is now more accessible than ever before. With an abundance of diverse platforms, from Facebook to Google to Yelp and beyond, your business can establish an online presence in a matter of minutes.And with many of them free or nearly free, you can accomplish great strides without spending much more than time.

So where do you start? Read on …


Announcing Desk.com for SumAll

We all know that customer service is changing faster than a two-year-old’s mind at a Baskin Robbins (31 flavors!). Gone are the days of calling that number on the back of the product box to find out where the heck the screws to your bed frame went, only to be left on hold for hours on end.

Say hello to live-chatting with customer service representatives 24/7, company Twitter handles dedicated to serving their customers, and a more integrated support system across the board. Say hello to Desk.com for SumAll to help make sense of it all. Read on …