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Smart Ways to Market On Snapchat Without Spending the Big Bucks

With over 300 million active users, Snapchat is now a platform that cannot be neglected by businesses. Every day, about 100 million people use this app and watch over 10 billion videos. Snapchat’s short-video and sharing characteristics have made them one of the most engaging platforms. How, then, can we utilize this platform to better connect with our audience? Continue reading “Smart Ways to Market On Snapchat Without Spending the Big Bucks”

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Facebook Post Engagement: The Horror of Waiting For the First Like

You know what a social media manager’s worst nightmare is? Not getting any engagement on the posts he made on a client’s page or account! We’ve all been there.

Those few minutes of despair. Did I make a grammar mistake? Did I forget to add an emoji? Is the timing right? Maybe my audience isn’t online at this hour. Oh, I know that feeling very well.

And since we’re all in this together, I believe that an article that will go through what improvements you can bring to the elements of a post to make it more engaging is useful for anyone that has ever went through the horror of waiting for the first like.  Continue reading “Facebook Post Engagement: The Horror of Waiting For the First Like”

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3 Quick Hacks for When You Have No Clue What to Write

We’ve all been there before. That awful, no good moment when you’ve got absolutely no clue what to write about and no amount of coffee, Diet Coke, energy drink, or wine (no judging here!) has given you the inspiration you need. Basically, you’re in a class A funk. Unfortunately, I’m not a muse and don’t have the cosmic powers to tell you exactly what you should be writing.  What I can do, is share some tips that I use when I find myself in this situation.

Continue reading “3 Quick Hacks for When You Have No Clue What to Write”

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Visual Marketing On Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2)

As we promised, we’re back with the following 7 checkpoints! These following points represent some key concepts and strategies that will help you leverage the power of visuals on social media. If you didn’t get a chance to take a look at the first three points, you can find them here. If you just want to dive into this article, here’s a short recap.

  1. Every social media platform has a different anatomy, with a different interface and a different audience.
  2. Every piece of content we put out there as marketers should have a clear purpose, otherwise we have no way to measure its success.
  3. Follow the right colors, fonts, and design principles of your brand, so that people know with whom to associate visuals when they see them.  

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business! Continue reading “Visual Marketing On Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2)”

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3 Tips For Making Your Audience Feel At Home In Your Photos

By now, most of us know that photos are key components of social media posts. Good photography can add vividness to your brand, strengthen your voice, and make your posts more memorable. Effective photos can also help catch viewers’ attention, form relationships with viewers, and establish recognition for your brand.

The key is making your photos visually connect with your audience. You can do this by making your viewers feel like they are present in the photo. As human beings, we prefer on-site experiences. We tend to trust our first-hand perceptions and feel more confident when we are able to feel and see things by ourselves. Therefore, photographs that provide us similar experiences are more likely to catch our attention and increase our satisfaction of viewing.

So how do you accomplish the task of making your audience feel “at home” in the picture? Below are three tips that I’ve found that can make your job a bit easier. Continue reading “3 Tips For Making Your Audience Feel At Home In Your Photos”