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The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi

Meet Mallory

Mallory Johns is the Social Media Director for DeVito/Verdi, a full-service advertising agency located in the heart of Manhattan.

With a variety of national clients ranging from Tribe Hummus to Gold Toe Socks, DeVito/Verdi is a mid-size agency competing with some of the largest advertising companies in the world. As the point-person for the social media side of the business, Mallory uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to both promote client content and manage brand communities. Continue reading “The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi”


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An Enterprise of One: How Communities Like Airbnb and DogVacay Are Empowering Entrepreneurs

When asked to imagine themselves as a Bed & Breakfast proprietor, most people will likely respond with some combination of longing for what they may see as a less stressful occupation and laughter at the generally ridiculous nature of such a question. For many, the financial investment alone would be enough to scare off these would-be inn-keepers. Not to mention the effort involved in convincing potential guests that you’re no Norman Bates.

So with Airbnb assuredly elbowing it’s way toward the top of the hospitality industry, one asks just what is it that has brought the boom back to this niche of the hospitality industry? Built on the backs of those invested in the sharing economy, companies are learning that they can create an impressive and engaging business by empowering would-be entrepreneurs.

Continue reading “An Enterprise of One: How Communities Like Airbnb and DogVacay Are Empowering Entrepreneurs”


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5 Retargeting and Remarketing Tips for Beginners

Here’s a common scenario that many businesses face. Visitors come to their website, browse a page or two, and then they leave. They don’t make a purchase, they don’t submit a lead form, and they don’t even sign up for your newsletter. Fortunately, those visitors are not lost forever, thanks to retargeting.

Retargeting (also referred to as remarketing) allows you to advertise to people based on their behavior on your website. In this post, we’re going to look at a few ways you can use retargeting to capture the visitors you might have otherwise lost. Continue reading “5 Retargeting and Remarketing Tips for Beginners”


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Know Your Social Media Audience: A Case Study with L.A. FOODIE

Meet Drew

Drew Hubbard is Owner and Chief Strategist at L.A. Foodie, a content marketing brand with over 100,000 social followers.

L.A. Foodie is on a mission to showcase the vast and evolving city of Los Angeles through food. But they don’t consider themselves food critics. Rather, they support the local food community of Southern California by curating photos, videos, podcasts, and all sorts of great content around the food they love. Continue reading “Know Your Social Media Audience: A Case Study with L.A. FOODIE”


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The Marketer’s Approach to Balancing a Paid, Owned, and Earned Social Media Strategy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you know that social media is an incredibly important (if not fundamentally essential) tool in your marketing arsenal. However, the more you investigate, the more you begin to realize just how complicated social media marketing really is.

Before deciding to invest in social media there are many legitimate questions that need to be answered. Where should I invest the bulk of my spend? What tangible results can I expect to see from these efforts? What does success even look like?

Luckily there exists a framework for looking at social media marketing that provides a way to easily divide and conquer different aspects of social media and allow you to better evaluate the entire enterprise as a singular whole. Continue reading “The Marketer’s Approach to Balancing a Paid, Owned, and Earned Social Media Strategy”