17 Tips to Supercharge Social Media for Your Business

Making the best use of social media has never been more vital for doing business. Yet, many marketers and executives still view social media as something akin to alchemy, a seemingly random collection of status updates and hashtags that are somehow supposed to result in increased sales. If not approached systematically, and with an understanding of the principles and best practices of social media engagement, those same companies often see lackluster results from their efforts.

Don’t make that same mistake. Simply by applying a few advanced strategies, your company’s social media presence can generate brand awareness, grow conversions, and vastly expand the sales funnel at a fraction of the normal marketing cost. To see those results, it helps to have a few pointers.

Here are 17 tips for making your social media presence spectacular. Read on …


How to Use Hashtags to Get More Exposure on Social Media

If you would like to reach a larger audience with your social media updates, then hashtags might be the answer.

Hashtags are simply keywords or phrases you add to your updates with a # sign before them. If people see a hashtag, they can click on it to see more status updates with that hashtag. In this post, we’re going to teach you how to use hashtags to get more exposure on social media. Read on …


Beyond SEO: 5 Website Tips You Should Pay Attention To

How much time (and money) do you spend on SEO for your website?

It might surprise you to hear me say this, but chances are it’s too much. Sure, SEO still matters, but if you aren’t paying attention to other aspects of running a great website you are losing visitors (aka, potential customers) every day. And even the best optimization in the world won’t fix that.

So what should you be paying attention to other than SEO? Read on …


Why I Barely Use Social Media: A Cautionary Tale

There are many necessary tasks in life that I flat out refuse to perform. Washing the dishes. Cooking. Office drudgery. But there is one additional act that is missing from the aforementioned list in which everyone except myself seems to be enamored with. That’s right — social media engagement. I’m over it.

Don’t let my 1,000+ Twitter followers fool you — I haven’t been actively engaged in that platform in over a year. My Instagram account is decidedly private in an effort to keep my shenanigans visible to a proprietary base of instigators and supporters. My Facebook account is non-existent. I learned my lesson about passive engagements with so-called “friends,” ex’s, and stalkers from MySpace and opted out of joining the shiny new network brought to us by Zuckerberg & Co. years ago. Read on …