Why Startups Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to Reddit and Snapchat

These days, most social media advice for small businesses really translates as advice for using Facebook and Twitter.

Are you as sick of hearing about those two platforms as we are?

There’s no doubt that businesses can leverage tremendous value out of those two behemoths. But what about other forms of social media—social media that has just as much traffic, just as much “viral-fuel” potential, but less overall competition?

Enter two less-conventional ways to market your small business: Snapchat and Reddit. Read on …


An E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Sweet Success [Infographic]

Did you know PayPal is the number one payment method for online orders accounting for 44% of sales? Or that June is the worst month for sales, dropping a precipitous 43% in comparison to the peak of December.

After analyzing data from over 17,000 online merchants over a four year period, we uncovered some surprising trends and provided tip on how to take advantage of the market when its ripe. Check out the infographic below. Read on …


Google+ to End Their Real Name Policy

This month, Google announced a change that’s good news for privacy activists and a new wrinkle for anyone working in marketing: Google+ is ending their real name policy, and letting users adopt pseudonyms if they so wish. It’s a big change for Google, which has aggressively pushed real names on their social networking service. And because Google has integrated Google+ into YouTube’s comments section and analytics engine, it impacts YouTube as well. Read on …


Three Steps to Forming Partnerships with Influencers on Tumblr

Creating partnerships with influencers on social media can be a really beneficial way to reach your audience wherever they are most active in an organic way.

Tumblr is a thriving social network that’s often underutilized by businesses, which represents an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by building a following of the platform’s most active contributors to help your company achieve its goals.

According to Search Engine People, the average visit to Tumblr is 14 minutes, longer than Twitter or Facebook. Tumblr users tend to be more engaged when on the social network and less likely to get distracted by other content, which is probably due to the various type of content present on the platform from GIFs to long-form blog posts.

It’s important that your business creates content on Tumblr, encourages users to create content about their business and partners with influencers to create another type of content. This balance of who’s creating content about your business is the measure of a healthy content marketing strategy. Read on …


Did You Even Know About Instagram’s New Explore Algorithm?

Instagram has quickly become a game changer for small businesses active in the social media sphere. From posting product shots to little slices of your company’s culture (something we do from time to time), it’s perhaps the best media to get a quick point across to a captive audience.

It’s also the fastest growing social media. But did you know that Instagram recently — and silently — changed an algorithm within their service that makes it an even more viable social media for your business? Read on …