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5 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your First Black Friday

It’s been a good year for you, hasn’t it? The money’s coming in, you’ve got a loyal customer base, and your mother was wrong—you CAN make a living off an online business!

But now that the year’s nearing to a close, it’s time to consider how far your business can go. Black Friday’s just around the corner, and with that, the promise of online sales rising an estimated 17.3%, resulting in $7.23 billion profit. It may only be October, but if those numbers seem appealing, then it’s never too early to prepare.
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Square Analytics Now Supported

We are pleased to announce that Square analytics are here at SumAll. Square makes dealing with credit cards simpler for your small business, and we make understanding all that data easier for you. Sign-up or log in to connect your Square Account today!

Our Square analytics include detailed information about your account activity and are available in the daily and weekly Email Digest.
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Shopify Store Analytics Now Supported

SumAll is pleased to announce that your Shopify store analytics are now available. What does that mean? It means that we free up your time, by sending your store analytics directly to you. One email, all your data.

Hopefully, you already use your free email digests for your social media data (if you don’t, sign up here). Now, those same emails will include your Shopify store data as well.

What data will our analytics include? We’re glad you asked.
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Mastering Instagram Stories for Your Business

One year and 200 million daily users later, Instagram’s Story feature has become one of the fastest growing mobile platforms yet. It even surpassed the originator of the 10-second video, Snapchat, earlier this year.

This guide will cover three topics. Feel free to jump ahead to what matters most to you.

A Guide to Instagram Stories for Businesses

Part 1: The Pros of Instagram Stories
Part 2: How to Post an Instagram Story
Part 3: Using Instagram Story Features

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