Know Your Customer: How to Create an Accurate Customer Profile

One of the most important parts of your business is understanding who your customer is. This helps define what makes your company unique as compared to other businesses in your industry. The notion of a brand is created around these differentiators helping define what makes one company that different than the next.

Customers choose to shop at one t-shirt store over another or eat at one taco place over the other because you’ve built a business that caters to a particular demographic, offering quality products or services at the right price based on your market.

Therefore, it’s very important, especially from a marketing perspective, to know how to create an accurate customer profile that helps define who the customer is that you’re trying to reach. Read on …


This Is Our First Tweet Ever. Commence Cringing.

To celebrate their eighth birthday, Twitter decided to unleash everybody’s first tweet into the world for some unknowable reason, Facebook is entering Star Trek levels of technology with their new “DeepFace” project, and more in this week’s list of SumAll-certified reads.

  • Twitter celebrates it’s 8th year by showing everyone their first tweets ever. How embarrassing. (Twitter)
  • We learned orange buttons make people want to buy more (but probably not if your site is orange). (CNN Money)
  • The virility behind those viral headlines. (Buffer)
  • DeepFace 9 – Facebook knows your face better than you do. (TechCrunch)
  • Get your learn on. Twitter’s entire history in under 2.5 minutes. (Mashable)


Facebook: The Deepening

Jacob “The SumBudsman” here again to let you in on a (not so) little secret addition to SumAll’s arsenal: a deeper Facebook integration. A couple weeks ago, I posted about SumAll’s new look and feel, and this week, I’m going to take you through these additional Facebook insights.

These new features are still in test-mode, but we want you to benefit and use them as much as possible! So if you want access now, please e-mail Support@SumAll.com with the subject line “Lemme Dive Into Facebook” and we’ll be more than happy to grant you a key to Facebooktown, population: you. Read on …


How to Score Targeted Followers on Google+ for Your Business

Everyone talks about how to grow your Facebook page fans and your Twitter followers (even us). But what about Google+?

There’s actually three different properties you can use on Google+ to attain followers for your business – Google+ profiles, Google+ pages, and Google+ communities. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can get targeted followers for your business using all three. Read on …


How to Actually Attract a Social Media Following: The Science of Building Relationships

The problem with many businesses using social media to drive results is that they don’t often treat people on social platforms like people. Focusing on the likes or the followers isn’t going to grow your audience, just ask social media thought leaders like George Takei, Guy Kawasaki, or innovative companies using social to level with their customers like Warby Parker or Bonobos.

These best-in-class social media users interact with their following by communicating with in a one-to-one dialogue in a similar fashion as if they were building a relationship with their customers offline. By providing the right context to the conversation and genuinely treating individuals like people, it’ll make all the difference when trying to drive results from your efforts on social media.

Not everyone understands how to apply their skills in building relationships offline to online, therefore having a deeper understanding of the science behind relationship building and how it can be applied to social media can help your business build a valuable community. Read on …