Why You Should Avoid Running Multivariate Tests on Your Website

Years ago, when I first started learning about conversion rate optimization and growth hacking, I came up with the bright idea of running the “perfect” multivariate test.

This would involve taking a landing page I had created, and testing three different background colors, five different headlines, and two associated images. At the time, I was using the (now defunct) Google Website Optimizer, and that product would estimate how long your test would need to run based on your site’s traffic. Read on …


How Big Data Is Changing the Travel Industry

Analytics and big data are changing all sorts of industries, and not just the usual suspects like retail, logistics, and high-tech.

Data is also transforming the worlds of hospitality and travel – aside from the obvious way of Airbnb, Kayak, TripAdvisor, and Expedia’s operations. Because the cost of analytics platforms keeps dropping and employees are getting more familiar with what big data can do, it means some significant changes for legacy industries. Read on …

Show Us Your Data, amfAR

Show Us Your Data: amfAR

“Show Us Your Data” is an ongoing series dedicated to showing how small businesses, companies, nonprofits, and individuals are using their data to empower themselves and their decisions.

As a tech company that deals almost exclusively in data and creating a tool for marketers to analyze their own data, we’d like to think we’ve got a pretty good handle on things. However, personally, data is still intimidating to me (and I work here!), but through using SumAll for our own social media, I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be, and most of the time, it isn’t. It also got me thinking about how to break down the barrier and create a community for everyone to realize that their data is accessible, and how to use it. Whether you’re obsessed with tracking your best mile, or you like to know how many people are unfollowing you on Twitter, you could argue that everyone has key metrics that they put to use, whether consciously or subconsciously, personal or professional. Read on …


Why You Should Think Twice Before A/B Testing Your E-Mails

Chances are you’ve heard it’s a good idea to A/B test your e-mail marketing efforts. “Test your subject lines to see which gets a better open rate,” or so the advice goes.

The problem is, however, that A/B testing e-mails, as it exists in nearly all e-mail marketing platforms today, is deeply flawed, and leads to statistically inaccurate results.

During my research for my post, How Optimizely (Almost) Got Me Fired I came to some startling conclusions about A/B testing and I quickly realized that most e-mail marketing platforms (like MailChimp, AWeber, Marketo, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and more) do A/B testing completely wrong. Read on …


Be a Human Not a Handle

Social Media has become a pervasive ingredient to business, and one that startups – for better or for worse – must utilize to network, brand, and develop their product. But social media marketing takes a lot of time, and the ROI can be elusive, slow, and frustrating process.

Those of us who push these social media channels are constantly teased with promising headlines. “The Twitter Trick You Aren’t Using, But Should Be!” and “The Answer to More Facebook Likes is Here!” – these bold claims grab us and momentarily fill our bleary eyes with hope. Will the big secret finally be revealed, allowing our numbers to soar? Read on …