How to Optimize Your Etsy Shop to Make It Stand Out

Both individuals first starting their shop and seasoned business owners choose to have their products sold on Etsy to reach their community of artsy shoppers interested in handmade goods, vintage items, and crafts supplies. Whether you’re selling gold necklaces or a handmade dog leash, Etsy is a creative-driven marketplace for sellers and buyers to connect around unique products.

The marketplace offers an opportunity for businesses with a creative focus to best showcase their product lines without having to worry about aspects of marketing their offerings as well as hosting their own web store. It’s often difficult for a business to build traffic to their online shop and regularly maintain their website at times, which makes owning an Etsy shop a smart alternative for many. Read on …


Why All Companies Must Find a Niche for Effective Marketing

As a marketing consultant, I always emphasize to clients the importance of finding their niche.

It may seem limiting and counterintuitive, but if you directly appeal to a niche segment of the market, you can work towards owning a whole slice. However, if you immediately try to appeal to a mass market, you’ll be lucky to even own a sliver.

You want to start out by making big waves in small waters as opposed to small ripples in big waters.

The better you know your target market, the more you will end up influencing and engaging with them. Read on …


The 14 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track

It’s all too easy to get lost in the wilderness of data that comes with having a social media marketing presence. Each platform generates its own unique set of data, and that data may not be comparable to that of another platform. Some datasets, like Facebook’s, seem almost exhaustive, while still offering only vague hints about what’s working and why. Others, like Twitter, are deceptively simple yet filled with nuances.

Which of these data points are relevant? When it comes to growing your social media presence and running effective social media marketing campaigns, what metrics really matter? And how can these metrics translate into the hard data that can be shown to have an impact on the company’s bottom line?

Let’s take a look at the 14 most important social media metrics. Read on …


Meet SumAll: Mahssa Mostajabi, Customer Experience

At SumAll, we realize that you might be like “who the heck are the people making this thing, robots?” You might also want to know what we do when we’re not in our SoHo office plugging away to make SumAll the best it can be.

We hear you! In an effort to show you who we really are, we’ve created “Meet SumAll” an ongoing series that will introduce you to members of our team, one-by-one. Read on …