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LinkedIn Company Page Metrics Are Live! 🎉

LinkedIn Company Page metrics are now live on SumAll. All of your best data from your company pages on SumAll are now available in your email digest once you connect your pages.

These metrics will allow you to be able to see follower counts and post activity at a glance as well as keep track of any changes without logging into LinkedIn to see.

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LinkedIn To Support Native Video Uploads

If you’re like me and follow marketing news, you probably heard some rumors about native video support for LinkedIn (we’ve talked before about other video options like Instagram Stories). While LinkedIn has made no formal announcement regarding video availability, sources have been providing some information about what we can expect.

Here’s what we know so far:

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We’re Resuming Performance Tweet!

Performance Tweet, our auto-publishing tool celebrating your Twitter successes, is now live on SumAll. We’re rolling out this product in waves to all of our users so if you haven’t gotten access to this yet, never fear!

With Performance Tweet, we will create automatic content that goes live on your Twitter account without you having to lift a finger. It’s another way that we’re making running your business easier by giving you more time to handle everything else.
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Empathy Maps – what and how?

What drives us to make choices? As consumers, we can set certain parameters like “laundry in unit”, “no animal testing”, or “100% cotton”, but what makes us decide to commit?

As a small business owner – trying to do it all – you may not have the time to understand every individual customer. What makes them happy? What does their typical day look like? How do they like to spend their free time? What truly influences them to ultimately choose your product or service?

If you need a quick and easy, DIY research tool, try drafting an empathy map.

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Snapchat and Instagram Stories: Link it out!

One of the most under-used ways of sending someone to your business is an efficient use of links. We’re going to review two different ways to use links in an interesting way to drive more traffic (after all, we’re SumAll and we’re always thinking about fun links). Today, we’d like to focus on two competing tools – Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Instagram is, of course, owned by Facebook and gets a lot of development power from there and Snapchat is always trying to be the innovator in very short videos/ephemeral content.

We’re excited about the (very) recent launch of Links in Snapchat and here are a few ways to use both that and Instagram’s version!
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