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How to Generate Results Using Promoted and Cinematic Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest recently launched Cinematic Pins as another version of their already successful Promoted Pin advertising offerings. Sponsoring pins could be a viable advertising avenue to help your business attract new customers and drive more engagement from your current audience.

Although considered a more niche social network when compared to the giants such as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest’s popularity is continually on the rise and has amassed nearly 50 million users, further proving that it is a relevant platform for many different types of marketing campaigns.

What Pinterest lacks in pure volume, it makes up for with a unique audience. Users actively seek and share their favorite products, brands and project plans, which may ultimately indicate their future purchasing decisions or customer behaviors.

Learn how to generate results and drive engagement for your brand using these two forms of advertising on Pinterest and why your business should pay attention to this on-the-rise social platform. Continue reading “How to Generate Results Using Promoted and Cinematic Pins on Pinterest”


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Meerkat vs. Periscope: The Apps Most of Us Haven’t Figured Out Yet

SXSW in 2015 catapulted social media live streaming to the top of every social media marketers mind with the launch of Meerkat, and Periscope shortly after. The ultimate FOMO (fear of missing out) apps allow users to gain access to events as they are happening, gain behind the scenes access to brands, and interact with celebrities on the go.

The ability to be spontaneous and create content in real-time are what make these apps amazing, and give Twitter a whole new dimension. A webinar can be watched away from a computer, a concert can be watched through the eyes of the attendee, and you can host live interviews without the need for a camera crew, YouTube channel, or prior planning. But which app is better? What’s the difference? How can marketers avoid lawsuits when creating video content? We went ahead and did the homework for you. Continue reading “Meerkat vs. Periscope: The Apps Most of Us Haven’t Figured Out Yet”


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Dads Are Doubling Down on Their Kids

With another Father’s Day upon us, we decided to take a look back at one of our past infographics on how dads are taking a more active role in their childrens’ lives. 

Like the fact that there’s been a 19% increase in the amount of money invested per child since 10 years ago. Or that dads are spending four times more caring for their families than using the phone or email. Read on to get the full scoop on facts all about dads. Continue reading “Dads Are Doubling Down on Their Kids”


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How Children’s Hunger Fund Doubled Their Social Engagement with SumAll Insights

We had the opportunity to speak with Fred Martin, the Director of Marketing of Children’s Hunger Fund, to discuss their non-profit, social strategy, and how they have been using SumAll Insights to analyze the social conversation and reach more followers.

For some background, SumAll Insights is a tool that is designed to provide actionable data to help businesses understand how to take their Twitter game to the next level.

Insights can be used to find out which days and times are best to post, what content or hashtags are working and who a brand should be engaging with. The goal of Insights is to help illustrate how making slight changes in your content strategy impacts the shift and engagement of your audience. Continue reading “How Children’s Hunger Fund Doubled Their Social Engagement with SumAll Insights”


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Why Orange Is the New Black Succeeds on Social

Three days in and Orange is the New Black has already broken the internet. The prison comedy and its cast of hilarious inmates released its third season early on Friday via social media and the commentary is already rolling in.

Currently, the OITNB community has over 4 million likes on Facebook, 1.4 million fans on Instagram, and 829K followers on Twitter. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, no press release or formal announcement was necessary to get millions of people talking and spreading the word about the availability of the show on Netflix. And it’s not hard to understand why – according to SumAll, there have been close to 600,000 tweets, 1.18 billion retweets, and 1.84 tweet reach that feature the hashtag “OITNB.” That’s a whole lot of word of mouth.  Little stunts like this are what makes Orange is the New Black (OITNB) such a social media superstar. Here are a few more ways OITNB is killing it on social media. Continue reading “Why Orange Is the New Black Succeeds on Social”