How We Boosted Sign Ups 20% with One Website Change

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a decade spent doing growth hacking and conversion rate optimization, it’s that sometimes little things make a big difference.

Take the long time trend of adding “beta” to software logos, for example. Read on …


Timing Is Everything. Post Smarter Right Meow.

To satisfy everyone’s appetite for information on when they should be posting to social media (and their intense love of cats), we recently added LinkedIn to our golden hour infographic.

We scoured the internet looking for the best times to post to the most popular social media networks and collected all the information into this printable infographic. Enjoy. Meow. Read on …


Shirk Your Social Media Cult, Avoid the Echo Chamber

Echo chamber. It can conjure many different feelings with varied conclusions. For some – probably kids, mostly – it’s a cave you yell into and hear your own voice on repeat. For others, it’s the notion that political views duplicate, repeat, and grow without any outside input.

The buzz-wordy term has also become enmeshed in other spheres, typically blogs and news media that tend to take a story and repeat it, unrelentingly and without prudence. One step further, we have the social media echo chamber: your like-minded “friends” post an article, you re-share, and it bounces around your friend-group like a superball in a 200-sq.ft New York City studio apartment. As the Buzzfeed and Upworthy ethos gets remixed and re-blended then poured in everyone’s cups primed for the “Kool-Aid,” it’s never been more important to break from of this line of thinking. Read on …


The Case for Icon Fonts: A 3 Step Tutorial

As part of our “spam the internet to death with images that don’t suck” mission, we recently published a series of e-commerce icons for free.

You’ll see that we are giving away two versions as images for you to implement them the old way (they’ll look great on your Myspace page) as well as in a font. Some designers have gotten on board with the @fontface revolution, which is great, but there’s still a lot of room to climb higher and replace your static images with fonts. Read on …


Why You Should Sync Your E-Commerce Store with Your Offline Business

The online and offline world of your business should be one cohesive experience that meshes together well. Both your online store and offline locations can help support one another in a variety of ways, but approaching each store separately will limit the full potential of your business, missing out on key opportunities.

Last year and already in 2014, many e-commerce first websites like Warby Parker, Bonobos, and Birchbox have opened up brick-and-mortar retail locations to better serve their customers. Many of these businesses opened up physical stores due to their data sources telling them that’s what their customer base wanted to complete their experience with each brand. This data from their analytics better informed their decision to expand their offerings and make a greater impact with their customers. Here’s how to best sync your e-commerce store online with your brick-and-mortar store offline. Read on …