And the Winners of our #SumAllFitbit Contest Are…

To celebrate our recent integration with Fitbit—we’ve also got an integration with Runkeeper and more fitness app integrations are in the works—we put a call out on social media for your funny office workout videos. The three creators with the best/funniest office workouts would receive a Fitbit on us.

Boy, did we get some wacky stuff. Some of it was good and some of you need to step up your workout game. Around the SumAll office, we typically all do 50 pull-ups every day and run half marathons before work. All joking aside, here are the three videos that each won a Fitbit Flex, along with some honorable mentions. Congrats to the winners!

 The Winners

The top #SumAllFitbit video was from Krystle. The reasons why we loved this one the most are endless: her willingness to shamelessly involve her co-workers, the use of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” the actual weird exercise that looks like it could cause some arm-breakage, and the strategic use of post-it notes stuck out the most. Krystle, you’re crazy and we love you. Enjoy the Fitbit Flex coming your way.

Competitive adult-wheelbarrow racing in the office #SumAllFitbit @sumall #OfficeOlympics

A video posted by Krystle Jiang (@krystlejiang) on

  Next we have this gem from Tristan. His willingness to inject humor, multiple exercises, and a throwback effect on the video all culminated in a solid video. Kudos dude.     

Last but not least we have an innovative office workout from Maria. She won major points for her use of Vine and for squatting an office stool. We only have two questions for Maria: 1. How’d you convince your co-worker to film this for you? and 2. Who on earth keeps their desk that clean? Enjoy your FitBit Flex!

Honorable Mentions

Marci, we loved your willingness to enthusiastically make loud noises with bubblewrap, but ultimately deemed this one too environmentally unfriendly to take a top prize.

Typical office workout #SumAllFitbit #bubblewrap

A video posted by märci därči (@marcidarcii) on

  Gary and his officemates scored huge points here for working out with the famous jane Fonda workout videos, but they look a little out of sync, don’t they? Sorry Gary. 


Our buds at Hüify sent along some pretty funny videos including one of doing push-ups dangerously close to bottles of adult beverages along with the one you see here. Ultimately, some other folks just went harder before going home.

We do this everyday #officefitness #SumAllFitBit #feeltheburn @wearesumall

A video posted by Sara Rose Harcus (@sararoseharcus) on


Thanks to everyone that submitted! The competition was fierce, but we hope we got you out of your seats and moving in the office.

Have a Fitbit or Runkeeper account? Connect them to your SumAll account now to track your workouts alongside your social media or e-commerce activity.

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