How to Use Instagram Video for Business

There are two things you’ve likely heard about online marketing recently: video marketing is essential, and Instagram is the latest hot network to have a presence on.

Fortunately, you can combine the two into your own marketing strategy by creating 15 seconds of Instagram video gold. Now that you know how to effectively measure your Instagram efforts, here are some creative examples of how businesses use Instagram video in their marketing strategy.

Types of Videos to Create

The following are examples of Instagram videos across the interwebs. Think less about the brand that created them, and more about how you can incorporate similar themes in your Instagram video campaign.

Film Your Customers in Their Natural Habitat

Lululemon, the popular athletic and yoga wear company, uses Instagram video to show their ideal customer doing what they do best – enjoying the active life.


Show Your Customers Enjoying Your Product

Don’t just show your product. Show your customer what it would feel like to own your product by showing off exactly what your product can do, just like Mercedes does in this Instagram video.


Display the Art of Your Business

Jeni’s Splended Ice Creams takes their followers behind the scenes to show what goes into making their delicious treats.


Get People Talking About Your Product

Even if you don’t have celebrities or professionals using your product like Calloway Golf, you can probably find someone willing to talk about using your products.


Include Hashtags in Your Videos

Promoting a hashtag for your business? Be sure to include it in your video like Michael Kors.


Turn Your Videos Into Contests

Virgin America created a cute contest where people submitted their dance moves under a specific hashtags. This video launched the contest as the prize was tickets to a Giants game.


Create Teasers for Full Length Videos

charity: water used this Instagram video as a sneak peak for their full September campaign video.


Ways to Share Your Videos

When you create a great Instagram video, you will want to get as much exposure for it as possible. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

  • Add relevant #hashtags to your video so a larger audience will see it.

  • Connect Instagram to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts and share your video on those as well.

  • Retweet the video at a different time so your audience in different locations can see it too.

  • Use Twitter Advertising and Facebook Promoted Posts to get more visibility for tweets and posts of your Instagram video.

  • Embed the video on your blog by visiting your Instagram profile on the web (, clicking on the video, and then clicking on the dots at the lower right of the screen to find the Embed option and code.

How to Measure The Results

To see how your Instagram activity affects your other social media as well as the bottom line for your business, be sure to create an account on SumAll and connect Instagram along with your other important social and business accounts.

This will allow to see if a spike in posting results in a spike in engagement on Twitter, advocacy on Facebook, traffic on your website, and sales in your online store. Be sure to annotate the type of video you shared, so you can try the same formula in the future.

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