Why You Should Be Using Twitter Ads Over Any Other Advertising Platform

Back in halcyon days of 2008 when Twitter just entered toddlerhood and two years before the general public would discover retro photo filters, Facebook announced the ability to advertise on their social network.

Early adopting marketers saw that their ads performed remarkably well, were cheap, and soon advertisers started flocking to the platform. These days, it seems everyone’s a Facebook Ads expert.

It’s become increasingly hard to get those same results from Facebook Ads. In many ways, this is the typical story when it comes to digital advertising: An enterprising marketer tries something new, it works, word gets out, cost goes up, effectiveness goes down. Pretty soon, the channel that was once a diamond in the rough is now average at best.

It happened with Adwords. It’s happening with Facebook. And now?

We’re seeing that Twitter Advertising is starting to take off, much like Facebook Ads did in the early days.

The problem is that most marketers are loathe to share their secrets so there’s not much information on best practices for Twitter Advertising. Let’s hope this article changes that.

1. Intelligent Money Targets Intelligently

To truly measure your advertising effectiveness, you’ve got to knowledgeably target and segment your audience so that you can be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

On Twitter, far and away the best way to target is by going after the followers of people like you. Selling a bitcoin product? Target people following the defunct @mtgox. Offering fancy hipster boat shoes for men? Try going after @dollarshaveclub.

Twitter also allows you to go after keywords and interests. Both are worth trying. For keywords, you’ll want to make sure you’re casting a wide net and going after 50 keywords or so. For interests, meanwhile, stay narrowly focused.

Another fun thing to play around with is desktop versus mobile targeting. Experiment with each to see what works best for your offer and business, just as you’d do in Adwords or Facebook.

Whatever you do, don’t mix your targeting methods. Each Twitter ad campaign should follow one method of targeting, and stay fairly focused, with ad copy that speaks to the segment you’re targeting.

2. Don’t Box Yourself Into A Corner

Now, you’ll want to make sure you don’t target too narrowly. One of the things that is special about the Twitter Ads platform is that it does a lot of behind the scenes optimization for you, more on that in a minute.

For the Twitter algorithms to work their magic, you’ll first want to make sure you’re feeding them plenty of data. This means you’ll want impressions, lots and lots of impressions.

Target too narrowly and you’ll see that you’re expected reach is around 10 to 20K. That’s too little. Get those audience sizes up across the board – add more competitors or similar brands in the space while keeping the themes tightly connected. Aim for a reach of 50 to 100K minimum.

3. Three To Five Tweets Per Campaign

Again, in the spirit of letting Twitter do it’s magic on the optimization front, you’ll want to write three to five tweets per campaign so they can optimize for best performers.

4. Use Twitter Cards To Your Advantage (Especially the New Website Cards)

One of those three to five tweets should use what’s called a “Twitter Card.” Think of these as images in Facebook Ads, or Google Adwords extensions.


Using these cards, you should see a massive increase in engagement and CTR.

What’s more, just the other day Twitter released Website Cards, which are awesome if I do say so myself. Use them.

5. Strong CTAs

As with pretty much all the advertising you do, Twitter Ads benefit just as much from strong Calls To Action.

“Looking for 15% off our product? Click Here! Bit.ly/3jf73”

“Want to track all your business data in one place? For free? Then, click here to try SumAll.”

6. Bid Aggressively!

Somewhat counterintuitively, don’t be stingy with your bidding. Twitter does a lot of optimization behind the scenes, remember, so you’ll want to bid on the high end of the suggested range in an effort to reach as many people as possible. It’s important to note that Twitter will always optimize for cheapest eCPE – regardless of the bid you enter.

Have any tips that have worked for you ? Share them in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Using Twitter Ads Over Any Other Advertising Platform

  • SEO knock from all the Urls in the tweet. This is fundamental Search Engine Optimization backlink building. URLs in tweets may not carry the same weight as on page links.

  • Not sure I’m totally loving Twitter ads nor do I believe they optimize your bids. I believe the ads are too expensive. Your cost per conversion/lead/engagement is way too high. The followers campaign I’ve found to be completely useless. You literally get accounts with egg profile pictures following you for $2+ … I checked one of these figuring well maybe…And no. The account had almost no followers, but followed all sorts of stuff including a TON of porn. I paid $2.20 for a robot that follows porn to follow me. Yea, that was awesome.

    I’m ok with it being a bit rough around the edges given it’s new, but they have a serious problem to overcome (and so did Google of course). They need to qualify the authenticity of engagements and leads. For Twitter ads to survive and be worthwhile, they absolutely must not charge you fake/automated accounts engaging with your OR people engaging for abuse. Given you now know how much it costs, you could click all of your competitors (and even in an automated fashion) and drain their ad budget quick.

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