How Top Brands Leverage Video on Social Media

If you’re considering adding video to your social media strategy, your first question might be how to create video for your business.

Since video has been a hot marketing strategy, you have the option of browsing other brand’s video strategies across multiple networks to see how they have been using video on various platforms as inspiration.

We’ve already looked at the best practices for using Instagram video for your business, now check out the biggest brands using video on the top social network.

Vine Video

Vine is the network owned by Twitter that allows you to create seven second looping videos. Lots of brands jumped onto Vine since it was the pioneer Instagram for video – before Instagram released their own video option, of course.

Brands like Wendy’s uses Vine to show off their new menu items.


Trident uses it to share short commercials. 


And Nascar uses it to show fans some behind the scenes footage.


You can get more ideas on ways to use Vine by downloading the app and checking out your competitor’s profiles, or doing a search on Twitter for, which will bring up the latest Vine videos posted.

Instagram Video

What’s better than seven seconds worth of video? How about fifteen? Instagram added video to their functionality. While it doesn’t look like Vine video, it does give brands eight extra seconds to work with.

Brands like Lululemon use Instagram video to show off their latest fashions.



Ben and Jerry’s uses it to get fans excited about their new creations.


And Intel uses it to get people excited about their new products.



Researching competitors with Instagram is a little easier as you can browse their profiles using your web browser.

Video on Twitter

You can share videos from most of the top video networks on Twitter – Vine, Instagram, YouTube, etc. By doing this, you will allow your followers to learn more about you through rich media. Brands like Shell use video on Twitter to show commitment to safety and the environment.

Kia uses it to show animated ads that you don’t see on television.

And Verizon uses it to let followers know about special promotions.


Since many brands share their video on their Twitter profile, you can easily monitor your competitor’s latest updates to see how they are incorporating video.

Measuring Your Video Performance

If you create video for Instagram or YouTube and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, you can see how video marketing affects your business as a whole by connecting to SumAll.

Be sure to look for increased social engagement and return traffic to your website as a result of engaging your fans and followers in a whole new way with video!

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