- 09/25/2013

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The Top 10 Brands on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram success for brands, the top accounts are related to automobiles, entertainment, fashion, food, and sports.



Nike uses their Instagram as a source of inspiration for users of their products – athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their photos include extraordinary people and celebrities wearing their products, and their updates include inspiring and motivational quotes.



Disney, the happiest place on earth doesn’t post as often as other brands do on Instagram, but when they do, they share a little peak inside the magic. Their photos include characters, event promos, and blasts from Disney’s past.



Vans celebrates the culture of their products on Instagram. Their photos include products, the people who use them, and the celebrities their customers love.



Starbucks offers a nice blend of branding and happiness on Instagram. Their photos show their products (and unique ways to enjoy them) along with enthusiasm over people, holidays, and the changing seasons.



Considering they own it, it’s no surprise that Facebook makes the list of most mentioned brands on Instagram. Their photos come from FB headquarters, and lately have included the fox family that took up residence on their campus.



Converse shares their passion for two things on Instagram: shoes and music. Their photos almost always highlight one of those with the shoes on their own, shoes in action, and live music events.



Adidas mixes hip culture in with product marketing. Their photos highlight their product and the  celebrities who use or endorse them.



BMW is about the passion of cars and the pleasure of driving, and their Instagram definitely shows that. Their photos are almost exclusively of cars – BMWs, of course.



McDonald’s is new to Instagram, with under 50 photos on their account. Their photos express their motto and show how people are when it comes to loving their food



Honda shows that car companies don’t always have to post about cars. Their photos have a healthy mix of inspiring quotes integrated with commercials and references for automobile lovers everywhere.

What You Can Learn from the Top 10

Even if you’re business doesn’t have brand status, you can learn a lot from how brands use Instagram. Here are some tips!

  • Don’t post vanilla photos of your product – show your product in action by the people who love them.

  • Let your Instagram photos speak the culture of your company, your product, and your customers.

  • Find out who and what your customers love so you can share those people and things with them.

  • Get personal with your customers and show things that have nothing to do with marketing, but everything to do with being human.

  • Inspire and motivate people by making the text along with your image powerful.

  • Show your followers how to use hashtags by using them in your own updates.

  • Promote your Instagram everywhere including your website and your other social media accounts.

So if you’re not sure what to do on Instagram, start by following the brands you love, and let them inspire you to designing your own path!


Updated November 17, 2017.