The Twitter Roadmap to Getting More Engagement

It’s foolish to think there’s a one size fits all approach when it comes to gaining a following on Twitter. Businesses are vastly different – what works for one audience has the potential to get a less than warm reception when used for an entirely different audience.

But even though you shouldn’t expect the same approach to work on every single audience, you should still be thinking about simple ways to optimize your tweets to make them more retweetable. Fast Company’s article, Twitter 101: How to Get More Clicks, Retweets, and Reach, provides easy to understand tips on all the ways you can become a better tweeter. Like how just adding a photo will increase the likelihood your tweet will be retweeted by 35%. Below, we compressed and compiled all the Twitter best practices into a single guide for you to refer to whenever you need a jump-start in your engagement rate.




16 thoughts on “The Twitter Roadmap to Getting More Engagement

  1. Hello! I think this is absolutely fab! Is this distributed under CC BY? I’d like to adapt it for a social media resource guide that I am writing for my PhD students. Many thanks! Kirsty

    P.S. Do you have an equivalent guide for Facebook and LinkedIn?

    1. You are very welcome! Our designer Dani has had this up her sleeve for a few weeks. Let us know what other kinds of content you would like to see. – Emmelie

  2. Thanks for this blog. A big thing is easily explained in this. I am also a twitter user, but i don’t know how the twitter is properly accessed. Here is the greatest explanation of accessing twitter with proper engagement. This road map will guide all the person to access the twitter easily.

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