SumAll + TwentyFeet

We couldn’t be more happy to announce our acquisition of TwentyFeet and welcome you into the SumAll family. With this acquisition, we’re now offering a stronger tool capable of providing you with analytics to over 30 services including Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Instagram with more added every week.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, TwentyFeet users will still have access to your TwentyFeet account and will be able to login using your original username and password. As soon as the transition process is complete, we will notify you when your account is ready to be migrated to SumAll.

For those of you who are paying customers, rest assured your payments will be honored and credited towards your future.

We’re excited to have you, welcome to SumAll.

Team SumAll

  • Andy Geldman

    Congratulations! What features will the acquisition add to your existing social media integrations?

    • Mark

      No new features will be added from TwentyFeet’s end although we did upgrade our Twitter integration to include a ton of new metrics to accompany the acquisition!

      • Andy Geldman

        Thanks for the clarification Mark. I hope you don’t mind me going a
        little off-topic here, but I’d find it useful if your blog posts
        included the posting date – that doesn’t seem to be visible.

  • Nancy Darling

    How can I deauthorize yr app from autotweeting on my Twitter timeline?

    • Mark

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for writing in and sorry for the unwanted tweet. The easiest way for you to stop the reports is to sign into Twitter→ go to settings→Apps→ Find TwentyFeet and then revoke access. This should do the trick!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Nancy Darling

        Worked, but I had to use a desktop computer at work. (At home, I’m typically on my iPad.) Thanks so much for your help!

        • Mark

          Any time!

  • Guest

    i can´t sign in with my tweentyfeet data…

  • Cesar

    i can´t sign in with my tweentyfeet, FB or twitter data…

    • Mark

      Hey Cesar,

      TwentyFeet is down right but we’re working on getting it back up within the next few days. You can always create a new SumAll account to see all your Twitter data.

  • Andrea Pius Tarantola Ingrosso

    i can’t sign in with my Tweentyfeet account.. ” Password must be at least 7 characters”

    • Mark

      Hi Andrea,

      The TwentyFeet site is currently down but will be up within the next couple of days. If you don’t want to wait, you can create a new account with SumAll and connect your Twitter account to see all your stats.

  • besweeet

    So, is it not possible to keep generating the “my week on Twitter” tweets? Mine eventually stopped working for some reason (@besweeet).

    • Mark

      Hey Besweet,

      We’re currently in the process of migrating all 20FT accounts into our system. When your account is migrated, you will get an e-mail from SumAll asking you to reset your password. You can also set up an account with SumAll yourself by going to Once you do that you can opt in to get you “My Week on Twitter” stats.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • besweeet

        I already registered for SumAll, but couldn’t figure out where to configure any of those things.

        • Mark

          After log into your account, go to your settings and put a checkmark on the twitter account(s) you want to tweet your weekly stats for.

          • besweeet

            That was enabled for me by default, so I guess I’ll have to wait for the tweet to go out. Thanks.

          • besweeet

            I’ve yet to see the weekly tweet. Any ideas?

          • Mark

            Sorry you still haven’t received the tweet! Please send an email to with the email that’s associated with your SumAll account so we can look into it for you.

  • Nadine ^

    Dear SumAll team.

    the twentyfeed webiste is no longer available in Germany. How can I log on to my former profile? Any advice?
    Thank you for your help…

    Best regards,


    • Mark

      Hi Nadine,

      Thanks for writing in and sorry for not keeping you up to date on the transition. We tried to inform all 20FT users via email that the site was being shut down. Here is more info:

  • Melissa

    Dear Mark, I have a paid account on TwentyFeet and now I’m completely lost on how to access my account on SumAll as it refuses my id and password from TwentyFeet and told me to register a new one instead. I manage a company’s official Twitter account and need serious help here. Thanks.

    • Mark

      Hey Melissa,

      Sorry for the bad experience with TwentyFeet. Unfortunately, after closing down the TwentyFeet site on Novemeber 1st, we can no longer access the database or issue refunds. With that being said, SumAll is a free tool, and when we do turn on pricing in a few months we will be happy to offer you an indefinite free account with us. You can sign up here:

      Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.