Premium Segmentation is Here!

With a little bit of mad data science, we’ve made an easy visual method to segment your e-mail lists!

We have witnessed the power of segmenting in our own work and for our clients. Being able to craft your message to a segment of your audience can change the engagement by an order of magnitude. We wanted to make this something any company could do. That has taken months on the backend to devise but now folks can. It works only on email lists right now but that will expand soon.

Simply load up a list and let us work our magic. We’ll divy up your subscribers into convenient, useful groups that you can easily navigate, combine, and then export. Want to focus on the males in your network? How about maleĀ users over age 35? Perhaps only males over 35 who are living on the east coast? Whatever your target might be, we’ll break up the audience and package it into a nifty file with a nice bow on top so you can take it to your favorite service and start promoting!


2 thoughts on “Premium Segmentation is Here!

  • How many filters are there? And are these fixed, or tailored to the data uploaded? More importantly, does this categorise users, even when our list doesn’t contain the associated fields (e.g. age) – that’s what it sounds like? If yes, is this being pulled in from data crawled across the web? If not, can’t we just find all of this data in own mailchimp etc.?

  • its really more helpful to our institute candidates to get aware some useful knowledge keep sharing more information.

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