New SumAll Service: LINKEDIN

We are delighted to announce the addition of Linkedin to the SumAll platform! We continue to focus on our agency and brand clients and understand the need to see Linkedin data next to all other services.

We started with Linked pages so do not yet cover individual profiles. Not shockingly much of the social metaphor for followership, engagement, and post interactions is consistent with the other players.

We have already noticed a difference in the balance of engagements. Add you Linkedin data and help us make a model for everyone on the differences between platforms.

3 thoughts on “New SumAll Service: LINKEDIN

  • Hi ,This is Yusuf from Dhaka. I am also using LinkedIn because it’s very helpful a company and also it helps focus your product directly.
    LinkedIn provide very handsome service like followership, engagement rating etc.

  • Hey all! Had a great feature add this week of a RAW data export for any time range you like and for as many profiles that suit, facebook, twitter, google, instagram. Rather crazy what you can do with some raw data. Your all awesome!

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