Is Facebook Dead?: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is dying. Facebook Ads aren’t effective. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. But is it really true?

Post Planner examined these questions and provided tips on how you can use Facebook to its fullest potential as a business. Below, we rounded up all of their best Facebook marketing tips and compiled them into a single guide that you can refer to whenever you need an extra boost to your Facebook strategy.  


2 thoughts on “Is Facebook Dead?: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

  • Well since a month i was running website conversions ad , All my money went out i got 7600 impressions not a single conversion . Dont know how do they charge or zero conversions .then how is it website conversion ads ? 😐

  • @satrujitmishra:disqus Did you have 3 or more ads running with different marketing messages? This helps to find what works. If you’re not getting action after 1000+ impressions, you need to change your tactics.

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