For Business, Instagram Is King

And on this day, Instagram has been anointed supreme ruler of the social media universe.

After analyzing data from 6,000 of our customers, we found that Instagram was the most effective social network based on the massive growth in their user base, how engaged their users are, and how activity on Instagram correlates with sales. Check out the infographic below for a quick overview of our findings.



Key Takeaways

Based on our research, using Instagram for your business is the best option to see real ROI, especially if you’re selling a visual product. Here are some of our other key findings.

  • • SumAll customers located in the U.S. demonstrated 1.5 to 3.0% increases in revenue due to Instragram usage
  • • U.K. SumAll users had increases of up to 3.6%
  • • After analyzing data from Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, Instagram came out on top as the clear winner
  • • More is not necessarily better: Being too active on a single network can lead to diminishing returns so experiment as much as possible

Ultimately, it’s up to you to test which social media platform works best for your company. Just make sure you’re not leaving out video.

5 thoughts on “For Business, Instagram Is King

  1. Is That All of it? or there are any fuller versions of above study analysis ? I was wondering If I could get more detailed report about findings… There is hardly anything mentioned within the report compiled above

      1. Sure sir, i would like to get more details and data points related to Instagram’s success. because in this post, there is hardly any stats and figures. Most of the conclusions and analysis made are sort of trivial and well-known

  2. Hey Mark. I would really like to see some more data too.I read the press release. While it offers a few more data points, it does not give me enough information. For example, how big is your sample set? What size organizations? Types of organizations? Before I go running down the hallways shouting “Instagram” I want to be able to have some tangible data and analysis to back it up. Thanks.

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