Your Mileage May Vary: How Often You Should Post to Social Media

Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night wondering exactly how many posts you should be making to Pinterest to get the most engagement, or why you shouldn’t make more than three tweets per day?

Ok, that may just be another thing that only keeps me up at night, but knowing exactly how many Facebook posts you should make per day is endlessly fascinating (and useful) information to most people who are active on social media.

So, to make all this data digestible and easy to understand, we partnered with our awesome friends over at Buffer to produce an infographic that shows the ideal posting number for all the major social media networks. Check it out below!



For a more in depth, well-researched look at Buffer’s findings, make your way over to the Buffer blog. Buffer is the best tool out there for social media management – seriously, check them out

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      • So, to make all this data digestible and easy to understand, we partnered with our awesome friends over at Buffer to produce an infographic that shows the ideal posting number for all the major social media networks. Check it out below!

    • Corey,
      I have yet to see empirical data proving any of this engagement produces real sales. Not dolls or necklaces. Real sales. One report from a major company with a Fan Page said aside from like and comments they saw no negligible sales. My point is, I don’t believe based on the ROI it is worth it. One of my competitors post 80 times day on Twitter. 12 times a day on her fan page. Guess what?? Her engagement is off the roof. Tom Peters the worlds top guru tweets 45 times a day. Engagement does not equal sales. Out of curiosity I said I was going to start a certain function for consultants. I received numerous request from what one would have thought would be top names. They had thousands of followers, but as one guy said no seminars and speaking engagements. No leads. Just retweets and mentions. Which are not leads.

      • I have used Facebook and Twitter to start up two successful small businesses. For word of mouth, it is phenomenal in getting the product in the market place and for gaining the attention of people with the credentials to become customers.

      • Social Media doesn’t produce sales. Social Media is a bridge tool for engagement not a sales tool. Your website is the sales tool.

  • Quality beats Quantity every day and twice on Sunday (but) both is better. 3 Tweets a day seems terribly mild. Friends+Me and tools like that will cross post a well thought out Google+ post to LI, FB and Twitter is a routine used by some of the brightest in SMM, so I would say your frequency is on the low side?

  • I only post when I have new content. I already got complaints via Twitter that I always post the same stuff (not exactly word by word, but the topic is the same), and I only post maybe once a day about the same content. My audience (which is from Germany) is very sensitive about being bombarded with tweets. Here, quality is definitely much more important than quantity. On the other hand, my audience very rarely engages with ANY content. They only consume it. This is a cultural trait however and I don’t need to worry about this. Important is: know your audience.

    • Very sorry to hear about your predicament.

      But I could not help but giggle a bit – Your twitter followers are very sensive to being bombarded by tweets? Then maybe Twitter is not them right site for them – seeing as everyone is bombarded every second of every day.

      • Well, there is a difference between being bombarded with tweets and being bombarded with tweets which all are about exactly the same content in just a different packaging. Twitter hasn’t really taken off in the German business world yet, so those who are there don’t follow that many accounts and will more easily detect repeating content on their timeline as it takes longer to get drowned by new tweets with different content.

  • I think success from social media is very much dependent on the industry one is in.

    At my former employer, our web site received 6-7 thousand hits a day, how did our blog? Even after posting religiously twice a week for over a year, visits were statistically zero.

    After getting material approved by compliance and legal, the final result was boring. Who wants to spend their valuable free time reading about Trust Services or IRAs? No one.

    Everyone needs a presence on social media, but don’t expect it do lead to direct, track-able sales. It should be seen as a channel of communication between you and your customer, and as a inexpensive way to increase your digital footprint.

    It’s not AdWords. Executives need to stop thinking that it’s a magic bean that will increase traffic or sales.

  • Hi Mark, great job adding to the Infographic Buffer posted. I’m big fan of Kevan Lee blog post/articles and the others at Buffer. They provide the code to this Infographic for the public to use on our website. Are you going to provide the codes to the infographic you did? Including Blogs is so important.

    Also, on LinkedIn they have the “Updates” that you could always share in your stream, but for about a year now, they also have the Long-Form Posts that are tied to your LinkedIn Profile. We started using the Long-Form posts and found the clients with many connections getting lots of views, comments, thumbs-up, etc. When someone views the Post on your profile page, they can share with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Is this the “Post” you are talking about in your infographic or is it just the “update”?


  • I enjoyed reading this article.. Social media is a very effective marketing tool that requires a good amount of time. I am active in Facebook for a very long time and I manage pages for several businesses. Facebook Insights tell you exactly which times and days are best to post for the fans of each particular page.

  • This is interesting and helpful but at the same time I think that there are so many other variables not mentioned. I think Pinterest might be the best all round site right now.

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