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An E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Sweet Success [Infographic]

Did you know PayPal is the number one payment method for online orders accounting for 44% of sales? Or that June is the worst month for sales, dropping a precipitous 43% in comparison to the peak of December.

After analyzing data from over 17,000 online merchants over a four year period, we uncovered some surprising trends and provided tip on how to take advantage of the market when its ripe. Check out the infographic below.

2 thoughts on “An E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Sweet Success [Infographic]

  • I like the idea and these numbers are a little incomplete, the differences are minor and are touted as big differences. There are also no time zones, is it CET, EST, PST, or something else?

    And the data that might actually be useful, such as the percentage of conversions on each day is not shown.

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