Translating Your Social Media Metrics Report

As a social media strategist and community manager, I am often asked about creating and optimizing social media strategies.

The amount of data and tools that are available is overwhelming and can cause some business owners, marketers, and even social media professionals to do minimal reporting to get by. We know a lot of you like to wing it on social media, but numbers are important for: Continue reading “Translating Your Social Media Metrics Report”


How Children’s Hunger Fund Doubled Their Social Engagement with SumAll Insights

We had the opportunity to speak with Fred Martin, the Director of Marketing of Children’s Hunger Fund, to discuss their non-profit, social strategy, and how they have been using SumAll Insights to analyze the social conversation and reach more followers.

For some background, SumAll Insights is a tool that is designed to provide actionable data to help businesses understand how to take their Twitter game to the next level.

Insights can be used to find out which days and times are best to post, what content or hashtags are working and who a brand should be engaging with. The goal of Insights is to help illustrate how making slight changes in your content strategy impacts the shift and engagement of your audience. Continue reading “How Children’s Hunger Fund Doubled Their Social Engagement with SumAll Insights”



Streamline Your Social Media Reporting: A Case Study with Social Sesame

Social Sesame is a social media marketing agency located in Calgary (Alberta) Canada. Social Sesame helps small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries with their social media strategy, ideation, and community management (scheduling, posting, and community building).

In addition, they offer a range of courses from “LinkedIn how-to” to general social media tips. The goal of Social Sesame is to help businesses optimize their social media strategy to fill business goals and objectives. Continue reading “Streamline Your Social Media Reporting: A Case Study with Social Sesame”


The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi

Meet Mallory

Mallory Johns is the Social Media Director for DeVito/Verdi, a full-service advertising agency located in the heart of Manhattan.

With a variety of national clients ranging from Tribe Hummus to Gold Toe Socks, DeVito/Verdi is a mid-size agency competing with some of the largest advertising companies in the world. As the point-person for the social media side of the business, Mallory uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to both promote client content and manage brand communities. Continue reading “The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi”