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What the Heck Is a Bitcoin?

Exchanges rising and falling, disputes over inventorship, wild accusations, rapid inflation and deflation, anger, confusion, and sadness. We’re talking about everyone’s favorite unicorn money: Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s six year road to the spotlight has been fraught with more turbulence than a… Read more »


So Long, Heartbleed Bug

As most of the internet knows, two days ago the terrifyingly named – and medical-sounding – Heartbleed Bug was discovered. Why it’s called this I’m not sure – I’m not an internet doctor. But the gist of it is for… Read more »


How We Boosted Sign Ups 20% with One Website Change

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a decade spent doing growth hacking and conversion rate optimization, it’s that sometimes little things make a big difference. Take the long time trend of adding “beta” to software logos, for example.