LinkedIn To Support Native Video Uploads

If you’re like me and follow marketing news, you probably heard some rumors about native video support for LinkedIn (we’ve talked before about other video options like Instagram Stories). While LinkedIn has made no formal announcement regarding video availability, sources have been providing some information about what we can expect.

Here’s what we know so far:

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Snapchat and Instagram Stories: Link it out!

One of the most under-used ways of sending someone to your business is an efficient use of links. We’re going to review two different ways to use links in an interesting way to drive more traffic (after all, we’re SumAll and we’re always thinking about fun links). Today, we’d like to focus on two competing tools – Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Instagram is, of course, owned by Facebook and gets a lot of development power from there and Snapchat is always trying to be the innovator in very short videos/ephemeral content.

We’re excited about the (very) recent launch of Links in Snapchat and here are a few ways to use both that and Instagram’s version!
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Instagram Stories: Story Search for Hashtags and Location!

We’re always on the lookout for fun ways to help you grow your business or ecommerce site using social media or other methods (after all, we’re SumAll). Today, we’d like to focus on a very specific tool – Instagram Stories. It was launched last year as a Snapchat competitor, allowing users to create short videos or images right on the top nav of the feed – a great way to get seen by your followers, already.

We’re excited about the recent launch of Story Search and we’d like to show you a few ways to use it to get your brand seen even more!
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Facebook Cover Videos – Make Your Brand Move!

We like to keep up with the latest tech – Twitter just released a great UI/UX update today and Facebook officially rolled out a new batch of Facebook Page Cover Videos (as opposed to still images).

There were a few big brands that this tech was rolled out for in April, but we’re glad to see that Facebook is beginning to roll it out across the board for a few more brands (ours included!) so if you don’t see it for your page yet, have no fear, it will come your way soon.

Want to see what our amazing SumAll Facebook cover video looks like and get some other fun examples and technical specs? Read on! 🎉
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Tweet Better: The Easiest Way to Optimize Your Tweets!

We’re very excited to release a fun Twitter optimization tool called Tweet Better!

It’s our latest effort to make it even easier for you to measure the success of your content – helping you to optimize tweets for your business strategy and connect better with your specific audience – and show up in their Twitter feeds.

What makes up a better tweet that has a higher chance of being seen and interacted with on Twitter? Below are a few ways we are evaluating tweet content to make sure yours pass the test!
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