LinkedIn Company Page Metrics Are Live! 🎉

LinkedIn Company Page metrics are now live on SumAll. All of your best data from your company pages on SumAll are now available in your email digest once you connect your pages.

These metrics will allow you to be able to see follower counts and post activity at a glance as well as keep track of any changes without logging into LinkedIn to see.

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We’re Resuming Performance Tweet!

Performance Tweet, our auto-publishing tool celebrating your Twitter successes, is now live on SumAll. We’re rolling out this product in waves to all of our users so if you haven’t gotten access to this yet, never fear!

With Performance Tweet, we will create automatic content that goes live on your Twitter account without you having to lift a finger. It’s another way that we’re making running your business easier by giving you more time to handle everything else.
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5 Unconventional Ways We Bolster Productivity at SumAll

By now we’ve all heard about the perks that come with working at a startup.

From the free snacks and drinks to discounted gym memberships, most startups offer a slew of benefits that not only attract the top talent on the market, but make the workplace an exciting and productive environment to be in. Here are five ways we boost productivity and morale at SumAll. Continue reading “5 Unconventional Ways We Bolster Productivity at SumAll”

Meet SumAll: Sam Moritz, Marketing Consultant

In a continuing effort to show our lighter (and brighter) side, we’re here with our latest installment of Meet SumAll. This time around we introduce you to Sam, who—aside from bringing you SumAll’s latest products—is undoubtedly our very own “class clown.”

Need some evidence? Start here, then read his interview below. Want to meet more of our awesome team? Head in this direction.

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Drawing Fuel from the Chaos: An Interview with Lifelong Entrepreneur Dane Atkinson

When Dane Atkinson was just 18 years old he started his first company SenseNet. Not one to rest on his laurels, Dane went on to found over a dozen startups in the intervening years before co-founding SumAll in 2011.

With a lifetime of experience in the startup world, I talked to Dane about being an entrepreneur (hint: it’s a lot like being a pirate) and what it’s like running a company where employees can vote on every business decision. Continue reading “Drawing Fuel from the Chaos: An Interview with Lifelong Entrepreneur Dane Atkinson”