Learning on the Go with the Latest Generations of Apps

Education has reached the mobile device, and in a big way. Learning on the go has begun to establish itself in a world where everyone is busy and no one has time to do anything.

“We believe smartphones bring education to people’s hands and pockets instead of requiring them to find a specific time and place to learn,” says Gina Gotthilf, head of communications for mobile language-learning app Duolingo. “Now, people who are too busy to dedicate long periods of time to take a class regularly, or who can’t afford it, can learn by dedicating short spurts of time when it is most convenient to them.”

According to Gotthilf, over 72 million users spend time learning languages on Duolingo through mobile devices—a number that represents 85% of the program’s traffic. Continue reading “Learning on the Go with the Latest Generations of Apps”

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How to Easily Collaborate Across Teams Using Data

Now businesses with multiple employees or clients that need access to the same data can collaborate in SumAll quickly and easily.

By sharing streams you can collaborate across teams while making sure you’re all on the same page with the same data. Your meetings will be more productive, your time will be better spent, more high-fives will be shared.

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Run for Your Life! How Fitness Apps Can Help You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

I choose not to work in a traditional office environment for many reasons, one of the major points being that I can’t sit still. Yes, I’ve thought about getting on the mood enhancing drug prescription bandwagon in order to sedate myself from the hours of 6am to 5pm (I have to factor in awakening from a peaceful slumber and forcing a pre-coffee commute), but then I wouldn’t be the fast-talking, late-sleeping, can’t-sit-still version of myself that makes me, well, me. People like me live longer, anyway, so I feel that I’ll be able to carry out my non-conformist campaign for at least another century.

But in case you’re in the typical position of relying on The Man to dole out your paycheck in exchange for 45 or more hours of your time per week, both myself and the Surgeon General recommend a regular exercise regimen to combat unwanted weight gain, the blues, and studio apartment bedbug infestations (not necessarily in that order). If you can’t stand the 105 degree heat of a Bikram yoga studio, the sting of Pilates, or other semi-masochistic modes of biological contortion, kick it old school with a good run, assisted by these tried and true apps. Continue reading “Run for Your Life! How Fitness Apps Can Help You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle”

How to Achieve Peace of Mind with Customer Service Tools

Help via the Internet for companies in need of customer service assistance used to only come via a Craigslist posting for backup support from marginally employed millennials or from overseas virtual assistants with questionable English language skills. The latter was mostly an underpaid apparition that got the digital grunt work done with clients who interfaced through e-mail, but whose response messages had to be double-checked for the kind of typos and professional faux pas that could send your legal consul on a daytime television podium before Judge Judy.

Two startups have upped the customer service game in recent years, offering ‘round-the-clock customer support metrics and a slew of online tools to help companies sort out their day-to-day customer service quandaries from across a multitude of mediums. Continue reading “How to Achieve Peace of Mind with Customer Service Tools”

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The Science of Productivity: How Using Fitness Apps like Fitbit Can Impact Your Performance at Work

In a pair of recent studies, the CDC called attention to two very alarming trends. Americans are not getting nearly enough exercise and a majority fall many hours short of the recommended amount of sleep. Not only is this bad for our health, it harms our productivity as well.

Americans work more hours than workers in nearly any other country but it seems as if we are doing so by sacrificing our time for exercise and sleep. Unsurprisingly, the work we do while tired and unhealthy is not very productive.

An hour spent working instead of sleeping or exercising is not an even trade off. The secret to being as productive as possible is striking the right balance between taking care of ourselves while maximizing the time we spend working at peak productivity.

However, this is easier said than done. With such hectic schedules and many distractions it can simply be too hard to keep track of how much sleep and exercise we get and how much we need. Luckily, there are a host of tools that do this incredibly well.

Below are four examples of tangible gains in productivity that fitness apps like Fitbit can help you achieve. Continue reading “The Science of Productivity: How Using Fitness Apps like Fitbit Can Impact Your Performance at Work”