SumAll Mobile Is Here

SumAll has been completely redesigned for all mobile phones – the homepage, daily e-mail reports, and the chart have all been given a fresh facelift. It’s now easier (and prettier) to access your account and view your e-mails straight from your phone.

Take it for a spin now.

social media cheat sheet template

The Social Media Cheat Sheet Guide

Making a new profile on a social media network is how you present yourself to the community (and can also lead to real revenue), so you want to spend your time focusing on things like your bio, developing a voice you want to use, and the actual content of your posts. You dont want to spend three hours resizing your profile picture a hundred times because you cant get the dimensions right and end up with an image thats unrecognizable.

Your profile picture is the first thing people see – in those 3 seconds you have their attention they will decide if they want to stick around or move on to the next profile that catches their eye.

This cheat sheet guide contains the most up-to-date dimensions for all the most used social media sites: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. Just save this image to your computer and use it whenever you take the leap and join a new social networking site. Continue reading “The Social Media Cheat Sheet Guide”

3 Steps to Make Your E-mail Design Responsive

E-mail newsletters are often an afterthought for web sites. However, they can be a critical link in the relationship between you as a site owner and your customer.

At SumAll, we’ve realized e-mail is one of the most common ways users interact with us. It’s not just e-mail on the desktop – a considerable number of our customers access us via their mobile e-mail client. Only about half of our users use the big Webmail services (Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail/ The other half trails off into a long tail of e-mail clients, everything from AOL to Continue reading “3 Steps to Make Your E-mail Design Responsive”