- 08/12/2013

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Businesses Using Foursquare Right

If you have a restaurant, retail store, or any other local business where you want to encourage customers to come in, then Foursquare is the social network for you.

Foursquare allows you to create a profile for your business that your customers can check in to from their mobile. That check in can be shared with their Foursquare friends as well as their Twitter and Facebook connections, leading to more exposure for your business. In this post, we’re going to look at some local businesses and what they are doing right on Foursquare.

Complete Your Profile Like 7-Eleven

The first key to succeed on any social network is making sure you have completed your profile.

In particular, make sure that you use a photo / logo that everyone will recognize, you check that your address and phone number are correct, you have added your hours, and you have included your website and Twitter links. A great description that tells people why they should visit is also a plus!

Let People Know About Your Foursquare Like Yogo Factory

Help people find your store and your Foursquare profile by adding it to your website. If you have multiple locations, add them all on your location finder page.

This way, you can attract all kinds of Foursquare users, including the ones that need to be reminded about Foursquare from time to time. Mention your latest check-in special too so more people take advantage of it.

Encourage Check-Ins Like Starbucks

Just like you might ask people to like your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, you will want to ask your customers to check-in to your business. You can do this by enticing people to earn badges on your profile…

And by adding Foursquare signage in your business.

You can get official Foursquare clings for your window, print up custom flyers, or create printed material so your customers know they can check in and maybe even get a special deal.

Add It to Your Newsletter Like Toys R Us

Another great way to mix online with offline is by letting people know they can check-in to Foursquare to receive in-store specials.

This can be a huge boost, especially for special events like your Black Friday sales. Not only will it encourage your mailing list subscribers to come in to your store, but it will get them to share where they will be shopping with their friends.

Create Check-In Specials Like Barnes & Noble

Aside from giving people another good reason to check in, specials help your business stand out on the Foursquare network.

If you’re not sure what kind of special to offer, browse around your competitor’s Foursquare profiles so you can have the best offer in your neighborhood.

Experiment with Advertising Like Olive Garden

Just like most social networks, Foursquare is offering businesses the option to advertise for more exposure. Imagine someone goes to look up restaurants in New York, and yours is at the top of the list.

To take full advantage of your advertising budget on Foursquare, be sure that you have completed your profile and created a check-in special. This way, when people see your listing, they’ll be more likely to click through and visit your business.

Measure Your Results

How do check-ins and Foursquare followers affect the rest of your social media and online marketing? Find out by signing up for a free trial of SumAll and connecting all of your social media accounts now.

This way, you can see your overall marketing as a whole and see how local marketing can make a difference!