Building Relationships for Your E-Commerce Business

Building a business is just like building relationships with people; it is a process of attracting, developing, and maintaining. For E-commerce businesses, you need to be patient and build trust with your audience. Do that, and you’ll increase customer lifetime value and grow your audience, but before that happens, you must start at the beginning. Continue reading “Building Relationships for Your E-Commerce Business”

Why Your Business Should Be on Twitter: Part 1

You might hear people say that “Twitter is dying” and you shouldn’t waste your time building and maintaining a presence on it. I would beg to differ. Twitter is still one of the most influential social media platforms out there, thanks to its unique characteristics and features. Here are some reasons why your company should still be on Twitter.

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Smart Ways to Market On Snapchat Without Spending the Big Bucks

With over 300 million active users, Snapchat is now a platform that cannot be neglected by businesses. Every day, about 100 million people use this app and watch over 10 billion videos. Snapchat’s short-video and sharing characteristics have made them one of the most engaging platforms. How, then, can we utilize this platform to better connect with our audience? Continue reading “Smart Ways to Market On Snapchat Without Spending the Big Bucks”

3 Tips For Making Your Audience Feel At Home In Your Photos

By now, most of us know that photos are key components of social media posts. Good photography can add vividness to your brand, strengthen your voice, and make your posts more memorable. Effective photos can also help catch viewers’ attention, form relationships with viewers, and establish recognition for your brand.

The key is making your photos visually connect with your audience. You can do this by making your viewers feel like they are present in the photo. As human beings, we prefer on-site experiences. We tend to trust our first-hand perceptions and feel more confident when we are able to feel and see things by ourselves. Therefore, photographs that provide us similar experiences are more likely to catch our attention and increase our satisfaction of viewing.

So how do you accomplish the task of making your audience feel “at home” in the picture? Below are three tips that I’ve found that can make your job a bit easier. Continue reading “3 Tips For Making Your Audience Feel At Home In Your Photos”