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The Case for Icon Fonts: A 3 Step Tutorial

As part of our “spam the internet to death with images that don’t suck” mission, we recently published a series of e-commerce icons for free.

You’ll see that we are giving away two versions as images for you to implement them the old way (they’ll look great on your Myspace page) as well as in a font. Some designers have gotten on board with the @fontface revolution, which is great, but there’s still a lot of room to climb higher and replace your static images with icon fonts. Continue reading “The Case for Icon Fonts: A 3 Step Tutorial”

Why Social Media Is Still Just Media: An Interview with Chris Toy

Chris Toy is the managing director at Offside, a small digital marketing firm specializing in start-ups doing everything from project work with clients to acting as an interim our outsourced CMO. We recently caught up with him to get his views on businesses using social media tools, why he thinks Facebook is an increasingly tricky platform for his clients, and why there’s not a lot of difference between the marketing channels of the past and present. Continue reading “Why Social Media Is Still Just Media: An Interview with Chris Toy”

3 Steps to Make Your E-mail Design Responsive

E-mail newsletters are often an afterthought for web sites. However, they can be a critical link in the relationship between you as a site owner and your customer.

At SumAll, we’ve realized e-mail is one of the most common ways users interact with us. It’s not just e-mail on the desktop – a considerable number of our customers access us via their mobile e-mail client. Only about half of our users use the big Webmail services (Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail/ The other half trails off into a long tail of e-mail clients, everything from AOL to Continue reading “3 Steps to Make Your E-mail Design Responsive”