Mastering Instagram Stories for Your Business

One year and 200 million daily users later, Instagram’s Story feature has become one of the fastest growing mobile platforms yet. It even surpassed the originator of the 10-second video, Snapchat, earlier this year.

This guide will cover three topics. Feel free to jump ahead to what matters most to you.

A Guide to Instagram Stories for Businesses

Part 1: The Pros of Instagram Stories
Part 2: How to Post an Instagram Story
Part 3: Using Instagram Story Features

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Empathy Maps – what and how?

What drives us to make choices? As consumers, we can set certain parameters like “laundry in unit”, “no animal testing”, or “100% cotton”, but what makes us decide to commit?

As a small business owner – trying to do it all – you may not have the time to understand every individual customer. What makes them happy? What does their typical day look like? How do they like to spend their free time? What truly influences them to ultimately choose your product or service?

If you need a quick and easy, DIY research tool, try drafting an empathy map.

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