Automated Twitter Ads: Are We Entering Into an Automated World?

As we now live in a world full of ways to make our lives easier, it makes sense that automation would come in to play a part. For us at SumAll, we have Performance Tweets – a nifty way to send an automated tweet with your weekly successes! And for Twitter, I just got invited to a very small beta of Twitter users to run automated ads.

Here’s some interesting things I’ve learned about this new program by Twitter to “Amplify Your Tweets!”
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We’re Resuming Performance Tweet!

Performance Tweet, our auto-publishing tool celebrating your Twitter successes, is now live on SumAll. We’re rolling out this product in waves to all of our users so if you haven’t gotten access to this yet, never fear!

With Performance Tweet, we will create automatic content that goes live on your Twitter account without you having to lift a finger. It’s another way that we’re making running your business easier by giving you more time to handle everything else.
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Snapchat and Instagram Stories: Link it out!

One of the most under-used ways of sending someone to your business is an efficient use of links. We’re going to review two different ways to use links in an interesting way to drive more traffic (after all, we’re SumAll and we’re always thinking about fun links). Today, we’d like to focus on two competing tools – Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Instagram is, of course, owned by Facebook and gets a lot of development power from there and Snapchat is always trying to be the innovator in very short videos/ephemeral content.

We’re excited about the (very) recent launch of Links in Snapchat and here are a few ways to use both that and Instagram’s version!
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Nena’s Dynamite Industry Report: Census Data Made Fun 🎉

We’re very excited to announce a new tool to get even more awesome data! It’s Nena’s Dynamite Industry Report! 🎉  It’s a great way to check your business’ stats against real US census data in a fun format. We’re also now on Product Hunt so please upvote us when you get a chance! So what exactly can you check?

Keep reading for some great tips on how to get the most of out our new Industry Report tool from SumAll!

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