How to Budget Selling Online

In the early days of any online business, there are preparatory steps to be taken: setting up your shop, getting your inventory together, and of course, budgeting. Budgeting everything! Perhaps the least fun thing about starting a business is spending money before you make money. Putting money into your business means you can do things like open its website, pay for packaging, and even advertising. And while none of that seems like fun, it’s the surest way of making your business prosper.

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Which Ecommerce Platform Should I Sell On?

Imagine it’s 1997. You’re about to launch your handmade Dharma & Greg bobblehead shop online. You’ve got the bobbleheads made, the packaging ready, and a “Good luck!” fax from the full time job you put behind you. Going online, you discover to your horror you have no idea how to make a website. After all, the Internet only came out a week or so ago. How could you have failed so horribly?

Fortunately, it’s not 1997, but twenty years later, and rather than be a confusing and cold place, the Internet has plenty of ways to help you sell your products online. No longer is it necessary to have a website for your store; shopping platforms abound, you now have the option to host your shop on sites like Amazon. But it isn’t just Amazon at your disposal! So which to choose? Let’s explore your options…

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How Do I Figure Out Wholesale Pricing?

Like most consumers, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals on the Internet. I feel guilty buying socks unless I know for sure they’re the fairest price! Sellers on the Internet know that their customers prefer bargains, but it’s hard to always give it to them when they need to turn a profit. So what about wholesale? Is it possible for a seller to offer their goods at that price and still make money? Is it possible for everyone involved in a sell to win?

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Make Your Blog Look Like a Million Bucks… For Free!

If you’re like me, your strongest skill is writing; if you’re really like me, that’s where your creative talent ends. And when it comes to blog writing, sometimes the logistical stuff outside the content of a post itself can be overwhelming. Take me, again! I’ll write a post and then I’m at a total loss when it comes to adding graphics, and it always takes me a few tries to get the formatting right… but hey! If you’re reading this now, I obviously figured it out, and you can too.

When it comes to blog layout and all the other visual content that surrounds your blog, it might make seem like a dauntingly impossible task to make your visuals as good as your writing itself, but never fear! There are many tricks and shortcuts to make your blog look like it was uniquely designed by a professional.

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Easy SEO Tips For Your Small Business Blog

Meet SEO, your new best friend. The “It” Girl of the Internet, she’s everywhere: Google, Yahoo, Bing, even Ask… SEO, or search engine optimization, is the one you need to know… and the very thing to get your small business blog going places!

All weird personification of Internet terms aside, SEO truly is a marvel. In simplest terms, SEO is the process of changing websites or webpages visibility in search engine results based on specific terms or even just words found on that website or webpage. It works for everything: online stores, blogs, your personal profiles on various social media. Ever tried to Google yourself? It isn’t surprising that when you do that, the top results are always for social media: that’s because your name, as you post, like, and comment, is an effective SEO term!

So now that you’ve got one SEO experience under your belt, how can you effectively apply it your own small business blog? By boosting your blog to the front page of all search engine results, your new pal SEO won’t let you down, and you’ll be impressed just by how easy it is.

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