How to Pull Off a Holiday Campaign For Thanksgiving

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? It’s a question that both provokes good vibes and bad feelings. Whatever you’re doing, shouldn’t your business be apart of that plan, too? Thanksgiving is, after all, the official start of the holiday season (even though SOME retailers insist on November 1st) and with it, the promise of strong sales and financial security. You’re in the big leagues now, and you’re going to want to market your store the best you can. So what are you doing for Thanksgiving, and how are you going to pull off an advertising campaign for it?

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It’s All in the Data: The Magic of the Returning Customer

Is there anything more valuable than a returning customer? I think about the bodega I frequent in my neighborhood in Brooklyn: how each transaction begins and ends with some pleasant conversation with the guy behind the counter, a scratch on the resident cat’s head, and the confidence that yes, I’ll be back, and that my local bodega will keep on thriving.

But haven’t you ever wondered how you compare to other businesses? SumAll recently researched and quantified the numbers of just how many customers were returning customers for a wide variety of online shops. Now I’m not just saying this because I’m employed by SumAll, but some of that data is truly impressive—and it verifies other research done on returning customers, like how 48% of all U.S. e-commerce transactions in 2015 were made by returning customers, profiting online businesses $2.7 billion. That’s almost an equal split between returning customers and new customers, and since the data reflects new customers as well, it pitches the opportunity to make those new customers returning customers as well. Now let’s dive into SumAll’s research!

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How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

Ah, Instagram. The final frontier (maybe for my mom) but a gold mine of potential. It’s where I post compromising photos of my cat, Ozma, or where my girlfriend showcases her animation portfolio. It’s where online entrepreneurs like you can further advertise what they’re selling online, and it isn’t just because Instagram is photo-based.

What makes Instagram a great addition to the ecommerce world is that it’s built to be personable; because most Instagram profiles belong to individual people, the platform’s developed into a culture of person-to-person communication. Online businesses who successfully use Instagram are able to reflect this laidback culture by welcoming comments and likes, direct messages, and an opportunity to network with their consumers.

With some of Instagram’s more intuitive features, it’s easy to integrate yourself without forcing the issue, and you can start showcasing your product without seeming like an awkward marketing campaign.

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How to Get Started Selling Online Part-Time

In the crazy world of online shopping, sometimes I find myself in awe of all those independent merchants who can handle creating their own products and then sell them, all on their own. There’s this alternate universe when I imagine myself running my own shop online too, but I don’t necessarily have the ideas (or the energy) to go out and set a shop up, and definitely not the time either.

But then there’s you, the go-getter, who may be in the same position as I am but actually has the ideas AND the energy. But if you’re truly like me—overbooked, between the job you’re currently doing and all the other activities you’re invested in—you may feel you just don’t have the time to run an online store. Fortunately, with all the options available on the Internet, going full-time while selling online isn’t the only path anymore. Maintaining a shop part-time is entirely doable, and you can do it without finding yourself stressed and overloaded.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google+ In Your Marketing Efforts

In 2011, Google launched Google+, thus replacing the short-lived Google Buzz and marking Google’s fourth dip into the social media industry. Tech Crunch declared, “It’s Social, It’s Bold, It’s Fun, And It Looks Good — Now For The Hard Part.”

What was that hard part? In my everyday use as a social media user, I have to laugh about the prospect of incorporating Google+ into my daily regime. I’m already pretty satisfied with my cache of social media accounts. I even went so far as to omit some: I quit Snapchat, and I swear I’m a better person for it. And Google+’s mission—“Discover amazing things and connect with passionate people”—already seems on par with how I use Facebook. That hard part was that everyone was pretty satisfied with their social media use, and it seemed like Google+ wasn’t bringing anything new to the table.

But what if I told you Google+ was useful?

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