Premium Segmentation is Here!

With a little bit of mad data science, we’ve made an easy visual method to segment your e-mail lists!

We have witnessed the power of segmenting in our own work and for our clients. Being able to craft your message to a segment of your audience can change the engagement by an order of magnitude. We wanted to make this something any company could do. That has taken months on the backend to devise but now folks can. It works only on email lists right now but that will expand soon.

Simply load up a list and let us work our magic. We’ll divy up your subscribers into convenient, useful groups that you can easily navigate, combine, and then export. Want to focus on the males in your network? How about male users over age 35? Perhaps only males over 35 who are living on the east coast? Whatever your target might be, we’ll break up the audience and package it into a nifty file with a nice bow on top so you can take it to your favorite service and start promoting!


SumAll, No Longer Free


Since our founding over five years ago, SumAll’s goal has been to democratize data, emancipating our customers’ data from the many service providers our customers use and presenting that data in an organized, understandable and actionable format. The response has been amazing, with over 500,000 accounts signed up. Our average SumAll business has four streams connected, over 7,000 contacts and, over 100k records stored. We currently track over billion contacts! That’s a lot! 

SumAll is dedicated to offering you the same level of innovation, service and reliability that you’ve come to expect. But handling that amount of data costs a fortune, over $4 million last year.

So, with a heavy heart, today we are announcing that SumAll will be discontinuing our free service and will only be offering premium accounts. Premium accounts allow us to continue our dedication to the vision of a data-enabled world.  What this means for our customers is that in a week we will be archiving free accounts. What this means for current free users is they will no longer get daily emails, tweets, and have access to data online. Current premium customers are not affected at all. We are doing our best to keep your costs as low as possible – and have huge releases coming out over the coming months, a big one in two days!

We know that for many of our customers this will be a disappointing change. And on a personal note, I am very sorry as I had promised to keep your data free. But we are confident that you will love the features that our premium accounts offer and are introducing. Our team has put a ton of work into making sure that our customers get a ton of value out of our premium offering.

We sincerely hope that you will continue on as a paid customer. And for those who will not be continuing on as paid customers, we sincerely thank you for coming with us on our journey and hope that you have gotten a great deal of value from the SumAll platform.

We will be following up this blog post with a Q and A that will address specific questions about the changes. In addition you can reach out to me directly, or our team with any questions that you may have.

Our apologies and much love!

Dane and the team at SumAll

We’re Working 24/7 for Data Accuracy

When you’re crunching $4billion in commerce data, 290 billion social actions, and 190 billion site visits, sometimes your databases experience a few hiccups and don’t work quite as they should.

The vast majority of our data is working just as it should, but for some of you using Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, your numbers may not be looking quite right. Continue reading “We’re Working 24/7 for Data Accuracy”

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