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Why More Startups Should Host “Language Showdowns”

For tech companies that handle large volumes information (pretty much all of them), there are a number of technologies and programming languages that will do the trick.

In the simplest of terms a programming language is a set of instructions that communicates with computers make them do stuff. What this “stuff” is varies greatly depending on what you want to accomplish, that’s why there’s hundreds of programming languages out there to choose from.

Locking a bunch of engineers in a room and telling them to come up with the single best solution to store, protect, and serve that data back to customers probably isn’t the best way to go about choosing a company-wide language.

SumAll has avoided bloodshed by taking advantage of our open culture, and formalizing a process by which a language’s pitfalls and merits can be disputed and measured against another’s without the loss of any limbs or eyes in the processs.

We interviewed SumAll engineer and data scientist Michael Hwang who describes the advantages of doing a “Language Showdown” and why your startup should think about hosting one. Continue reading “Why More Startups Should Host “Language Showdowns””

Why You Should Really Use SumAll to Track Bitcoin

We haven’t shamelessly advertised ourselves in awhile so without further adieu: Use SumAll. For bitcoin tracking. Do it.

I’ll get right to it. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile. Any little shift or doubtful appraisal could send squeamish investors screaming to their nearest exchange to dump half their coins. Funny how a poorly regulated currency based upon the principle that every actor in a system is completely untrustworthy doesn’t inspire confidence in a great number of people. Continue reading “Why You Should Really Use SumAll to Track Bitcoin”

What the Heck Is a Bitcoin?

Exchanges rising and falling, disputes over inventorship, wild accusations, rapid inflation and deflation, anger, confusion, and sadness. We’re talking about everyone’s favorite unicorn money: Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s six year road to the spotlight has been fraught with more turbulence than a flight through a hurricane in a Learjet, and since mid 2013 it’s only gotten more crazy.

SumAll has just added bitcoin exchanges, mining pools, and mining workers to our range of data platforms to allow our customers to keep tabs on the market and the progress of mining pools. For those who own or mine bitcoins, SumAll is now their one-stop-shop for keeping tabs on all things bitcoin, monitoring their mining efforts, and keeping a close watch over their investments.

For those who don’t own or mine bitcoins, chances are you have no idea what we’re talking about.

If you have an interest in bitcoins and don’t want to be that out-of-the-loop guy at the party who just keeps nodding his head in agreement and staring at your drink, we made this handy infographic to explain a few basic concepts to get you started. Soon you’ll be buying all your pizza–and rent–with bitcoins

Continue reading “What the Heck Is a Bitcoin?”

How Lazy Marketers Keep the “Fold” Alive

Back in the roaring 90s, when rap and rock came together to lower our collective standards, when Shaq made his star turn as an acting juggernaut, and lots and lots of other really bad things happened (or amazing depending on the tint of your glasses), usability expert Jakob Nielsen published an oft-cited and oft-reviled study.

Entitled “Changes in Web Usability”, Nielsen’s study discouraged websites to place important content below a point that required “scrolling” to get to. According to the study, only 20% of online users EVER scrolled down a page, and far fewer would give content below the “fold” any attention at all. Continue reading “How Lazy Marketers Keep the “Fold” Alive”

How NOT to Be a Really Bad, Not Good Marketer

Don’t buy a marketing for dummies book.

Never mind why we’re reading marketing for dummies in the first place. We are, after all, professionals and our methods of research are beyond question. We take a holistic approach to mastering our craft here at SumAll and no potential source of knowledge is too shallow or pedestrian. Except ‘Marketing for Dummies’ as it turns out. It’s bad. Seriously though, don’t buy it. Continue reading “How NOT to Be a Really Bad, Not Good Marketer”