Metrics That Don’t Disappear: How to Effectively Measure Your Snapchat Efforts

We are currently entering the wild west of Snapchat, uncharted territory that marketers love to compare to the early days of Facebook and Twitter. When we throw those big network names into the mix, we can start to get pretty excited about what Snapchat can do to further bolster our ongoing social campaigns.

Snapchat may still be the new kid on the block, but we understand how important becoming an early adopter of a new trend can be and some of us are primed to claim our space right now. We’ve even seen a few creative success stories from larger brands like Taco Bell and Victoria’s Secret, but some marketers have been experiencing trouble finding similar value with their Snapchat efforts.

This highly personalized network appears to be the perfect channel for delivering our message directly to the consumer and it seems relatively straight forward. You send the snap, they view the snap and voila, your brand grows. Well… not so fast. If you’ve experimented with a Snapchat campaign or even used it on a personal level, you may have noticed that Snapchat is designed for the user and provides little insights for a marketer to analyze.

In addition, Snapchat is lacking a significant third party analytics tool that can help display our content performance on a universal dashboard, meaning that you’ll need to analyze your data manually. By taking a closer look at the information that Snapchat does provide, you can begin to find tangible metrics and learn how to effectively measure your Snapchat efforts. Continue reading “Metrics That Don’t Disappear: How to Effectively Measure Your Snapchat Efforts”


Profit From Your Visuals: How to Generate Sales from Instagram

With 300 million monthly active users and over 70 million posts per day, it’s difficult to argue against the recent dominance of Instagram among other social networks. The soaring popularity of Instagram and other media sharing applications such as Snapchat and Vine is proof that visual content is in high demand and it is here to stay.

Instagram has entered the big leagues of social networking platforms, but when it comes to leveraging this large community for sales, some marketing strategies can fall short of their goals. Sometimes we forget to realize that each social networking platform has it’s own quirks and each require unique strategies to best align with your business objectives.

Instagram can definitely feel a bit quirky, but to start generating sales, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs, just as you would any other platform. The following tips can help you learn the latest Instagram sales strategies to begin profiting from your visuals. Continue reading “Profit From Your Visuals: How to Generate Sales from Instagram”


Search Is Still a Priority: Top SEO Must-Haves for Your Content Marketing

With much of the industry chatter these days focused around content marketing, it’s beginning to feel like SEO has fallen to the back burner. Perhaps the lines between SEO and content marketing strategies have become blurred because the success of each is largely dependent on the strength of the content you’re producing.

I’d argue that search engine optimization should remain priority for many businesses to get the most out of their content marketing strategies, because the battle for top positions amongst search engines is more competitive than ever and SEO strategies still impact our content’s success. After all, if you are going through the trouble of creating and implementing a content marketing strategy you’ll want to make sure that your audience finds your content and the search engines are one of the best ways to do so.

By prioritizing these SEO techniques, you can learn to better position your brand and content higher in search for the right terms your customer base is using as they search. Content is essentially the fuel that drives your search ranking and your website’s content strategy is probably one of the most important aspects to work on when looking to boost your SEO.

We’ve heard that SEO values content heavily, but it’s not just any content, it’s genuine high quality content that is published often. This can be a tall order, especially for smaller organizations or teams with limited budgets, but by focusing on better optimizing your content for search, you can stretch your content further and create a cost-effective strategy simultaneously.

We’ll walk through the top SEO must-haves including how thought provoking content affects your search rank, why social mentions and inbound links are your best friends, and how to address the technical concerns of your content. Let’s get started. Continue reading “Search Is Still a Priority: Top SEO Must-Haves for Your Content Marketing”


Four Considerations to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for Content Marketing

When it’s time to create a content marketing budget, it can be difficult to determine where you should best spend your money and where you shouldn’t. With thousands of tools and so-called expert opinions about content marketing, the variables and considerations can appear to be endless. Unfortunately, with all these options, you may lose sight of what is really important, finding a budget-friendly solution that works best for your organization.

When you begin to develop your content marketing budget, (or any budget for that matter) it is important to distinguish exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. You should organize your budgeting after clearly defining your goals through a written content strategy to ensure that your money is best spent on reaching  your objectives.

Remember that the purpose of budgeting is to create a means to forecast your expenditures, track your business performance and to become a tool for better decision making in the future. Let’s dive into four considerations that to keep in mind when budgeting for content marketing. Continue reading “Four Considerations to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for Content Marketing”


How to Achieve Big Content Marketing Wins as a Small Business

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies in a marketers bag of tricks. We’ve all heard some of the success stories focused on how much content has been helping big businesses like Red Bull or American Express grow, but when we look a bit further, we notice that it can be a challenging initiative to tackle for smaller companies with limited resources and tight budgets.

However, these constraints should not defer your small business from creating your own content marketing strategy, and attempting some big wins along the way. Content marketing is actually a very cost effective technique for reaching your audience in the long-term and should be incorporated with your other marketing channels to best cater to the needs of your growing customer base. Continue reading “How to Achieve Big Content Marketing Wins as a Small Business”