9 Instagram Tools for Businesses

After recently analyzing data from the SumAll community, we revealed how Instagram users are ten times more likely to be engaged than Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, our findings showed they’re also more willing to purchase goods and provide monetary value to businesses who have a presence on Instagram.

If you use Instagram as a marketing platform for your business, you will not only want to see how it affects your overall online marketing strategy and other business data with SumAll, but you will also want to find a better way to manage it beyond your mobile device. The following are nine great apps and tools for businesses to manage their Instagram accounts, find images by topic, gain followers, engage with followers, and much more.


Nitrogram is an analytics and social engagement platform for brands/ agencies to measure and increase their presence on Instagram. It includes analytics for Instagram, a social CRM for Instagram, Instagram widgets, and the opportunity to create Instagram photo contests. Try it for free. Pricing starts at $29 per month.


Statigram helps you promote your Instagram account, manage your community on a user-friendly platform, analyze your activity through professional statistics, and engage your community. This Instagram management tool is used by over 100,000 brands.


Followgram extends the functionality of Instagram for casual users and brands alike. Basic features include a follow button, WordPress widget, RSS feed, private messaging and free stats. You can also upgrade to a Pro account for additional features for 19 € a year. Brands can request special features –brands using the service include National Geographic, Ford, Wall Street Journal, and Nike.


Webstagram allows you to do everything you can do on the main Instagram app on the web along with additional features including sending private messages to users, connecting with Instagram users on a forum, find users by keyword, offer an RSS feed for your photos, and get statistics about your Instagram account.


Ink361 allows you to manage your Instagram account on the web vs. in your mobile phone. You can use it to like and comment, follow and unfollow, create albums, search photos and users, and even share with non-Instagram users. Best of all, this online app is free.


Don’t lose the photos you have added to your Instagram. Instarchive allows you to download your Instagram photos in a convenient zip file.

Search Instagram

Search Instagram is the best place to search for Instagram images online. Using this can help you determine what types of photos you could be sharing in your industry. When you hover over images in the search results, you can see their popularity based on number of likes.


Instagainer helps you get more followers free on Instagram. Once you login to the system you will gain more followers instantly or you can pay for VIP to gain faster. Note that buying followers for any social media network may result in breaking the network’s terms of service and usually doesn’t result in more than an increase in your number of followers as opposed to your quality of followers.

Photo Stats App

Although not specifically made for Instagram, Photo Stats App will allow you to create cool infographics about how, when and where you take photos on iPhone. Visualize your iPhoneography habits, learn how to make better photos and show off photo skills to your friends.  A similar app, InFoto Free, exists for Android users. This can make for great content on your company blog to attract people to your Instagram account.

What’s Missing?

While these are all great tools, the one thing that is missing is a way to connect your Instagram activity with the other data that affect your bottom line – particularly traffic to your website and sales. If you need to see your connected data, SumAll has you covered.

Just connect your Instagram account to SumAll along with Google Analytics, Shopify, Paypal, and the other social networks, ecommerce, and payment systems you use. The best part is it is free – be sure to try it out now!

9 thoughts on “9 Instagram Tools for Businesses

  • + Spotless app. It deletes spam Instagram comments. We use it for malicious and unwanted comments on our business Instagram page. I also use it on my personal instagram for promo comments.

  • + fast-unfollow.com. This one’s only purpose is to keep your account away from people not following you. It’s vital for those who care about followers/followings ratio because of its ability to unfollow up to 5k people a day which is more than anywhere else. Personal blogs with lesser needs can benefit from 1000 free unfollows.

  • Super Awesome! Very informative article. This is some of the best info. One of the most helpful posts I have seen on the topic by far. The company I work for has been tossing around the idea of expanding on a few more company profiles for quite a few months now, but we couldnt decide if it would be worth our time & effort to get it started. The main concern is that we already manage around many different accounts…. More than we can even keep up with sometimes. Some of what you mentioned near the end (about it being appealing, do we have time to handle a newer social network, etcetera,) Kinda just made up my mind for me. We are going to to use a couple of the sites out there to help manage our accounts activity to really understand what our audience we cater to is truly interested in so we can only focus on users who’d be more likely interested in what my company has to offer instead of just targeting random people don’t have any interest in our services. Thanks for sharing!.

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    Yes! You got an amazing article here! Thank you very much! I appreciate the tools being mentioned above. Keep it up!

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