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5 Ways to Attract Targeted Facebook Fans for Your Business

With over 1 billion active users, Facebook is the top social network where every business can find an audience. However, unlike Twitter, building your audience on Facebook can be a little more tricky.

In this post, we’re going to look at five ways to attract targeted fans to your Facebook page.

1. Add a Like Button or Like Box to your website.

When you implement the Like Button or Like Box on your website, you make it easy for people to like your page without ever leaving your website. This can help keep your visitors focused on your website and give them a reason to come back later. For example, you can click the following Like Button to like SumAll on Facebook!

Alternatively, you can use the the expanded Like Box to show your latest Facebook updates along with the Like Button for your page.

Either way, getting your website visitors as fans of your page is a definite plus when it comes to making sure your customers remember you before and after a sale.

2. Add your page to your personal profile.

Make it easy for family, friends, and people from search to become a fan of your business’s Facebook page through your personal profile by adding a link to your page in your Work & Education section. Simply go to edit your About section, and add your business as your employer. Make sure that your business page shows up in the dropdown to select.

Then enter your title and make it your current place of work. Once you’re finished, you should be able to go to your profile, hover over your business name, and see a popup for your business’s Facebook page.


When you do this, you can also promote your Facebook page by commenting on sites using the Facebook comment system. Your page link will be displayed next to your personal profile link above all of your comments.

3. Invite your e-mail contacts and friends.

Facebook page owners have a few options under the Build Audience menu on their page. First off, they have more options than any other social network to find people to suggest your page to in your e-mail contacts.

You can also suggest your page to all of your Facebook friends. This will show them a notification that you have asked them to like their page.


While suggesting to friends can be a little time consuming as there is no select all option, it can be worthwhile if you have dedicated friends who like your business.

4. Participate on relevant Facebook pages.

Did you know you can use Facebook as your business page, like other pages, and comment on them? This is a great way to get exposure in front of your target audience. Just find similar business pages (preferably not competitors as they could delete your comments), like them, and participate in the comments.


For example, women’s clothing stores could participate on the Facebook pages for fashion magazines. Tennis shops could participate on ATP player’s fan pages. The possibilities are endless. And if you leave valuable comments, people will start to come back to your page to learn more about your business.

5. Invest in Facebook Advertising.

Facebook has lots of great options when it comes to advertising your page. You can start with page promotion using the Get More Likes campaign on your page itself.

You can also use Sponsored Stories in the main Facebook Ads section to promote posts on your page or your page itself to friends of the fans of your page.

If you do use the main Facebook Advertising, be sure to target your advertising to people who match the demographics and interests of your ideal customers. Your goal isn’t to gain massive exposure and lots of likes – it’s to gain targeted exposure for targeted fans!

Measure the Results

As you are building your targeted fan base on Facebook, you will want to see how the growth benefits your business’s bottom line. Connect your Facebook page along with your Google Analytics and e-commerce platform with a free SumAll account today.

Then you can find out if the increase in fans leads to an increase in traffic and sales!

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