- 12/09/2013

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5 Ways to Engage with Your Customers Using Google+ Hangouts

If you want to get involved in video marketing but don’t have the budget / time / interest in producing professional commercials or other types of video content, then Google+ Hangouts is the answer. Google+ Hangouts allows you and up to nine other participants to be on camera live in front of an unlimited online audience to do just about anything.

Here are 5 ways to engage with your customers using Google+ Hangouts.

Interviews with People Your Customers Love

One of the top uses for Google+ Hangouts is live interviews of people – celebrities, athletes, experts, etc. – that your customers and fans love. While you may not be able to get Beyonce, you should aim for people your audience will love that have a nice-sized audience of their own. That way, when they promote the hangout, they will drive new people to learn about your business.

Educational Seminars

Want to educate your customers? Google+ Hangouts is a great platform to use. The Chopping Block, for example, uses Google+ Hangouts to hold regular cooking classes, teaching their customers the basics from carving a turkey to dicing tomatoes.

It’s a great way for them to attract their target customers without pushing advertisements for their products, as well as a key method to create content that their audience would want to share with more potential customers.

Q&A Calls

Let your customers get the information they want from your business, live. Google+ Hangouts allows viewers to submit questions to the people on the Google+ Hangout. You, or a moderator, can go through the questions and answer the ones you choose. Dell often uses Google+ Hangouts for Q&A and customer service.

They even have a handy Slideshare document that teaches their customers how to join a Google+ Hangout. If your audience isn’t tech-savvy, be sure to create something like this for them to ensure everyone can have a good experience.

Live Product Launches

Want to celebrate the launch of a new product to get your customers excited? Host a live product launch party on Google+ Hangouts. You can demo the new product to show your customers how it will benefit them, take questions, and have a lot of fun with your customers – all at the same time.

A few ideas for your Google+ Hangout include the following.

  • Include snippets of high-profile testimonials about your products – stream them in via YouTube or create images for a slideshow.

  • Hold a contest during the launch party where the winner isn’t announced until the end.

  • Create a special launch party discounted price for attendees of the live event. Give it a reasonable expiration date so that people will want to act quickly.

Company News

If your business has major news that you feel your customers will want to know more about, then a Google+ Hangout is the perfect place to address the issues, good or bad. For the good things, your customers will be able to connect with your business when you let them know about particular causes you are supporting or improvements that are being made to your business, products, or services. For the bad things, your customers will appreciate that you are being proactive about addressing buyouts, product recalls, and other scandalous gossip that might be out there. Either way, it can be a win-win situation in terms of really building a relationship with your customers.

What are the best ways you’ve seen a brand use Google+ Hangouts? Please share in the comments!

Updated November 17, 2017.