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Pump Up Your Shop: 35 Free E-Commerce Illustrations & Icons

Truly awful stock images is up there on the list of things the world would be better off without right next to face tattoos and fruit stickers.

The SumAll Free Imagery Page was created to eradicate the world of terrible stock images and use our homemade images instead.  If you haven’t seen our Free Imagery Page yet, prepare to have your mind exploded and then reformed again because we’ve added three new illustrations.

Our next set of images is an e-commerce bonanza. Writing a blog post about shipping tips for your customers? Use our  illustration to add some charm to your post while you drive conversions. Want feedback from your customers? Add our envelope illustration to your newsletter to boost the likelihood you’ll hear back from your patrons.

To download our e-commerce imagery package and check out the rest of our free illustrations, head over to our Free Imagery Page.


Icons and Fonts on the House

While undergoing a bout of insomnia, Chris Jadatz, resident SumAll designer, decided to create 32 icons so we decided to pass on the fruits of his night of sleeplessness off to you. We’re giving away all 32 e-commerce icons for free as well as a custom-made font to be used on your site.

Add these images to your store in place of the standard icons for a more customized shopping experience for your customers. My personal favorites: piggy bank, credit card, and wallet.

We’ll also be publishing an article next week on the benefits of using your own icons as a font and how to technically implement it onto your site. Keep an eye out!

To download our 32 icons and a new font, go to our imagery page.

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