What the Heck Is a Bitcoin?

Exchanges rising and falling, disputes over inventorship, wild accusations, rapid inflation and deflation, anger, confusion, and sadness. We’re talking about everyone’s favorite unicorn money: Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s six year road to the spotlight has been fraught with more turbulence than a flight through a hurricane in a Learjet, and since mid 2013 it’s only gotten more crazy.

SumAll has just added bitcoin exchanges, mining pools, and mining workers to our range of data platforms to allow our customers to keep tabs on the market and the progress of mining pools. For those who own or mine bitcoins, SumAll is now their one-stop-shop for keeping tabs on all things bitcoin, monitoring their mining efforts, and keeping a close watch over their investments.

For those who don’t own or mine bitcoins, chances are you have no idea what we’re talking about.

If you have an interest in bitcoins and don’t want to be that out-of-the-loop guy at the party who just keeps nodding his head in agreement and staring at your drink, we made this handy infographic to explain a few basic concepts to get you started. Soon you’ll be buying all your pizza–and rent–with bitcoins

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The Dead Zones: When Not to Post to Social Media

Now that everyone knows the best times to post on social media–

and if you don’t, take a look at our infographic for a refresher–we started thinking about the flip side to the golden hours: the dead zones.

We researched what hours of the day your post will be seen by the fewest number of people and collected them all into this infographic. Beware.

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Medium vs. LinkedIn: The Publishing Platform Battle

Influencers looking for places for their writing to be read online have never had it so good.

While SumAll’s blog is great (we like it a lot), the race between Medium and LinkedIn to become the entrepreneur’s publishing platform of choice is paying big dividends. And depending on who you’re trying to reach, choosing between the two is an important decision. Both Medium and LinkedIn offer powerful, and very different, content management systems (CMSes). Depending on what you want to write and who you want to reach, the choice could make big differences for your business’ future. Read on …


UPDATE: A Look at SumAll’s New Interface with The SumBudsman

Jacob here, aka “The SumBudsman,” this time, to re-introduce you to another perspective of SumAll that will be taking effect in the very near future. Whether you’ve been a SumAll customer since our humble beginnings in 2011 or if you signed up yesterday, we want to let you know that SumAll is going to get a face (and brain) lift really soon.

It’s been about a year in the making and something our entire team is very proud of. We want to give you ample time to get acclimated to the new interface before the switch goes permanent, so come along with me as we “test drive” this new perspective.
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So Long, Heartbleed Bug

As most of the internet knows, two days ago the terrifyingly named – and medical-sounding – Heartbleed Bug was discovered.

Why it’s called this I’m not sure – I’m not an internet doctor. But the gist of it is for over two years now there’s been a hole in the security that keeps user’s data protected that has affected the majority of websites. Read on …