3 Memorable Branded Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

Crafting a successful branded marketing campaign is key for any company interested in attracting more collaborators and clients. Below are three renown campaigns that got it right — from soft drinks, to disease awareness, to smartphones.

When it comes to creating a loyal following of dedicated consumers, there are no silver bullets. For every company that has found a successful path, there are many more who failed. To ensure your company is counted among the successes, one of the best places to start is by looking at case studies and understanding what those businesses did right and wrong, and what they learned from it. Then, apply that knowledge to your own business.

Branded content campaigns are one way many companies find success in today’s connected, social world. Rather than rely on selling an advertising message, branded marketing looks to reach the target audience on an even level, and engages them with content that encourages, entertains, helps, or in some way relates directly to them. Finding that balance between selfless content and brand messaging can be tricky, but here are three recent campaigns from companies that played all the right cards — and are now reaping the rewards. Read on …


Streamline Your Social Media Reporting: A Case Study with Social Sesame

Social Sesame is a social media marketing agency located in Calgary (Alberta) Canada. Social Sesame helps small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries with their social media strategy, ideation, and community management (scheduling, posting, and community building).

In addition, they offer a range of courses from “LinkedIn how-to” to general social media tips. The goal of Social Sesame is to help businesses optimize their social media strategy to fill business goals and objectives. Read on …


Four Considerations to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for Content Marketing

When it’s time to create a content marketing budget, it can be difficult to determine where you should best spend your money and where you shouldn’t. With thousands of tools and so-called expert opinions about content marketing, the variables and considerations can appear to be endless. Unfortunately, with all these options, you may lose sight of what is really important, finding a budget-friendly solution that works best for your organization.

When you begin to develop your content marketing budget, (or any budget for that matter) it is important to distinguish exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. You should organize your budgeting after clearly defining your goals through a written content strategy to ensure that your money is best spent on reaching  your objectives.

Remember that the purpose of budgeting is to create a means to forecast your expenditures, track your business performance and to become a tool for better decision making in the future. Let’s dive into four considerations that to keep in mind when budgeting for content marketing. Read on …


How Google’s Algorithm Change Will Drastically Affect Your Website’s Traffic

On April 21 Google will unveil yet another change to their search algorithm that will have far-reaching repercussions for every website that isn’t “mobile friendly.”

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile by April 21, you could lose up to one-third of your traffic depending on your audience. Check out our infographic below for more details on how these algorithm changes will impact your site, and what you can do to make sure your traffic doesn’t crater. Read on …


How to Achieve Big Content Marketing Wins as a Small Business

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies in a marketers bag of tricks. We’ve all heard some of the success stories focused on how much content has been helping big businesses like Red Bull or American Express grow, but when we look a bit further, we notice that it can be a challenging initiative to tackle for smaller companies with limited resources and tight budgets.

However, these constraints should not defer your small business from creating your own content marketing strategy, and attempting some big wins along the way. Content marketing is actually a very cost effective technique for reaching your audience in the long-term and should be incorporated with your other marketing channels to best cater to the needs of your growing customer base. Read on …